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  • Migrated my blog - well, almost

    In early January we got a message from our dear MVMPS.Com administrator (Susan) that we could migrate our blog from Community Server and onto Wordpress. I decided that with 2011 being what it is - new year and all that - a new start was required, so i set out to migrate my blog. The new blog can be found here: I've tried to migrate my entries, but it seems that something keeps blocking it after about 10 entries - and i'm working on fixing it. Cheers, Brian
  • Microsoft BizSpark Azure Startup Camp, Perth–Value from attending

    Over the last three days (Fri-Sun) I’ve been attending the Microsoft BizSpark Azure Startup Camp in Perth – first day was a Azure Discovery day, held at Burswood Entertainment Center (Friday) and the last two days has been the BizSpark Azure Camp. Over the course of the first day we learned a lot of about how Azure is structured and the cost models. The biggest value has probably been during the weekend here – the workshop/camp really gave us the opportunity to look at Azure with a hands-on focus
  • Proud Daddy–My Clever Vegemite Gets An Award

    Yesterday was the last assembly of the year for my oldest daughter, Flynn, at her school. So naturally I had to attend, especially as we’d been informed that she would be receiving an award. Of course this meant we’d be there in full force, supporting our little girl (not so little any more tho). So we get there and all the kids are seated (pre-primary to year 7) and each year has their own awards to hand out to those kids most deserving. We slowly creep past the pre-primaries and we then get to
  • Windows Phone 7 Deep Dive Workshops coming to Perth - Oct. 14-15 (free workshops)

    Don't think i can stress how awesome this is - but Nick Randolph , from is coming to Perth in October (14th and 15th) to hold the Windows Phone 7 Deep Dive Workshops that's been so phenomenal in both Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. This will probably be the very first opportunity for us in Perth to get some serious exposure into the upcoming Windows Phone 7 release. For those that attended Tech.Ed 2010 you may have been sitting in on Nick's excellent presentations
    Posted to Brian H. Madsen - .Net Powered by Caffeine (Weblog) by Brian Madsen on Wed, Sep 29 2010
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  • LIDNUG is now using Eventbrite to schedule events - why?

    The Linked .Net Users Group has grown quite big, with a very diverse member base, spread out over the whole world. Since we began running monthly events we have been using LinkedIn's own, inbuilt Event system with quite a bit of mixed results. Now, we're changing the event listings to Eventbrite - why? Well, the Events application on LinkedIn has become stagnant - no movement or answers to any requests for feature updates has come from LinkedIn and there's been quite a few detrimental
    Posted to Brian H. Madsen - .Net Powered by Caffeine (Weblog) by Brian Madsen on Tue, Sep 21 2010
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  • Wife turned 40 (no, she doesn't look a day over 30!)

    One of life's milestones was reached by my wife yesterday - she turned 40 and she decided to publish 40 life lessons and i figured to put it up here as well because, dang, she's far smarter and wiser than i am. 1. If you want joy in your life, seek it. 2. There is a lesson to be learned in everything. 3. Separate your whites from your colours. 4. White vinager is a brilliant softner and deodoriser in your wash. 5. A little often of everything makes a difference. 6. It's not selfish to
    Posted to Brian H. Madsen - .Net Powered by Caffeine (Weblog) by Brian Madsen on Thu, Jul 8 2010
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  • Sharepoint 2010 split back-to-back woes

    Been trying to get a PoC up and running (and completed of course) for a split back-to-back SharePoint 2010 setup with a "web front end" placed in a DMZ without domain trust. Basically we have a SP 2010 application server/farm sitting internally (together with AD, SQL Server, Reporting Server et al) and want to join a SP 2010 server from within a DMZ. Been trying to find out how this could be done and everything points to us having to use SQL Authentication when running the psconfig tool
    Posted to Brian H. Madsen - .Net Powered by Caffeine (Weblog) by Brian Madsen on Tue, Jun 8 2010
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  • LIDNUG: Scott Guthrie Talks Shop V - May 13, 10am PDT

    Yeps folks - it's that time of the quarter again - Scott Guthrie is returning to LIDNUG for his quarterly Q&A session, Scott Guthrie Talks Shop. Considering how many HUGE releases there's been since he last appeared on LIDNUG, i'd dare say that this is going to be a whopping great event. Come along and spend some time together with The Gu and ask him all the questions that you've really been wanting to ask! Venue: Live Meeting Date: May 13, 10AM PDT Register here:
    Posted to Brian H. Madsen - .Net Powered by Caffeine (Weblog) by Brian Madsen on Wed, May 12 2010
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  • Developing for the web - HTML5 vs RIA plugin

    I'm interested to see what the thoughts are for people on web development, where it's heading and the valid replacement of Flash, Silverlight, Pivot and JavaFX by HTML5. To start the discussion from one end (and to advocate at least one perspective, playing devils advocate here), then i don't think HTML5 will replace the RIA plug-ins. I know that one of the aims of HTML5 is to eliminate the need for those plug-ins in the browser today. Do you believe it'll fully eliminate the need
    Posted to Brian H. Madsen - .Net Powered by Caffeine (Weblog) by Brian Madsen on Thu, May 6 2010
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  • Securing your application. Part 2 - Securing your data

    We've just had a look at how to secure your connection in Part 1 so obviously everything is now all *** dorey on that end. Some of the other areas that you naturally have to look at is the environment/infrastructure/network and your data itself. It's not much use to encrypt and secure the data that you're transferring if the actual data itself isn't protected. What i hear you say? my IT guys got that under control..firewalls up the wazzooo...everything's patched and service packed
    Posted to Brian H. Madsen - .Net Powered by Caffeine (Weblog) by Brian Madsen on Tue, May 4 2010
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