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  • The value of old data

    Recently in one of my projects we had a vendor that would deliver code that they swore they tested and passed all validation tests only to have it fail on the first couple of tests every time. This was frustrating for us, since we were paying this company to test the code before sending it, and for them, since their reputation was getting hurt with each "bad" release. After they tested the code again and we tested the code again and we each received different answers, we decided to have
    Posted to ShareBlog (Weblog) by gary on Fri, Feb 15 2013
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  • SharePoint 2010: Showing the Context menu on any field in a List View when defining lists

    I am working on a project that requires me to show the context menu on columns other than the default 'Title" field that normally shows up (at least when creating a list based on the "Item" template). While doing research I came across two different ways to do this when using XML to define the lists. The first just involves renaming the "Title" field to something else. I was taking this approach as I was playing with Visual Studio 2012RC's new wizards for creating
    Posted to ShareBlog (Weblog) by gary on Mon, Jul 9 2012
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  • Conditional requiring of fields using SharePoint 2010 List Validation

    My customer wanted to be able to make a field required only if another field had a specific value, AKA Conditional Requiring. While SharePoint has the ability to make fields required (or even check for uniqueness) it still does not yet have the ability to make a field required based on another. That is where List Validation comes in. If you do not already know, List Validation (along with Column Validation) allows you to perform checks on fields to make sure that they pass certain requirements. They
    Posted to ShareBlog (Weblog) by gary on Tue, Feb 28 2012
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  • Creating a Core Results web part for FAST for SharePoint

    There are a few postings out there that explain how to subclass the core results web part for SharePoint to add your own functionality. Those work great...until you try to use them with FAST for SharePoint. For some reason they just do not seem to work. After much pounding of head against desk and then using .Net Reflector I figured out that there are two variables that need to be set. base.ShowActionLinks = false; //This tells the code it is a results web part and not an action links web part base
    Posted to ShareBlog (Weblog) by gary on Wed, Mar 30 2011
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  • Know thy customer

    I was reading an excellent article by David S. Platt called " Using WPF for Good and Not Evil " in which he takes a sample application written to show off Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and tells what he feels are the good and bad points of the program. One thing that I read that really resonated with me was "Platt’s First, Last, and Only Law of User Experience Design states, “KNOW THY USER, FOR HE IS NOT THEE.” " He wrote this about software developers
    Posted to ShareBlog (Weblog) by gary on Sat, Jul 31 2010
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  • Favorite feature of SharePoint 2010?

    There are a lot. I think that the Client Access Model is really going to change how interaction with SharePoint will occur. I can see a fully Windows based SharePoint in the near future. However, my favorite change is the new notification area of the User Interface. For those that are not familiar with it, compare it to the pop-up that shows when a user logs into Live Messenger or Communicator. There is a pop-up that shows for a small amount of time telling you that someone you care about has logged
    Posted to ShareBlog (Weblog) by gary on Mon, May 17 2010
  • Style sheets in real life

    For those who do not know, a stylesheet, AKA CSS, is used to help define the look and feel of a web page. Check out the CSS Zen Garden for some great examples of what CSS can do. While working on a recent project I noticed that the incredible web page I created did not look quite so incredible at the customer's site. Some things would be off by a few, or not so few, pixels or images were just not showing. To make a long story short their MOSS custom master page called a custom stylesheet which
    Posted to ShareBlog (Weblog) by gary on Thu, May 6 2010
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  • Issue to be aware of upgrading Windows Server 2008 to R2 with MOSS First you get a message telling you to look for KB article 962935, which canot be found. One MS employee on the forum (who is really very helpful) suggested it may not ready for public release yet. If you are going to put the KB article in an error message at least make sure it exists! As an aside, I wonder if it is the MOSS install program that is telling me it cannot run in Windows Server 2008 R2 or if there is something in the OS telling the installer
    Posted to ShareBlog (Weblog) by gary on Sun, Sep 6 2009
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  • In defense of the MVP program

    Some of you may have read Joel's recent blog posting regarding the MVP program in general, and it appears, the SharePoint MVP program specifically. While some of the point raised may be valid I do not think they tell the entire story. I am not sure if this will help or hurt but I felt like I needed to write something. First a little background for those who do not know me. I am proud to have been one of the first SharePoint MVPs and kept my MVP award until last year when I joined Microsoft. I
    Posted to ShareBlog (Weblog) by gary on Tue, May 5 2009
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  • Update panel not working like you expect

    We have been using a lot of updatepanels (yeah, I know there is a performance issue but that is a different post) and, as usual, it worked great on my computer but not so great at the customer site. What the panel does is to process a search request without the postback. At the customer site we saw the information being sent to the search engine and the data coming back, but it would never show the results.\ To make a long story short, after many network traces and a rather long call with Microsoft
    Posted to ShareBlog (Weblog) by gary on Wed, Apr 29 2009
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