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About Hollis Paul

Got my start in things MS with VB4 and Office95. Started toying with Outlook custom forms on Compuserve, back when it was a technical board, and not AOL. Evenutally, Jessie Louise urged me to apply to be a MS MVP. Finally, I did, and was accepted as an Outlook MVP; but really, only as it applies to programming custom forms. I just do not do all the crazy things "people" do, and don't know how to solve them. But, as custom Outlook forms are disappearing from the support wagon, there was no need for my continued presence in the MVP roster, and I was not renewed. Alas, my wife's dreams of having a garden slave have not materialized, as I can no longer bend down to get the weeds, and still really do not care if their little yellow flowers decorate our lawn and garden. She simply hates flowers that do not take a great effort to grow. She also hates that hair balls and barf spots leave shadows on her light beige living room rug. With 4 cats this old, you have to learn to go with the flow; because a new spot appears every week. Oh yes, now that I have been on Medicare for a couple of years, my doctor wants to start feeding me pills so that my body will last until my mind had turned to slush, or worse. That way she will have a free hand at extracting the maximum benefit from the insurance model before letting the body actually die. I tell her that I absolutely will not cooperate with that kind of nonsense; so she has started me on Thyroid pills--saying that it will make me less cantankerous and she can get on with the program of blood sucking pills to reduce my blood pressure, which all the nurses say they wish they had. It would also reduce the length of my sentences, and improve my spelling. You should try some and see the miraculous results.

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