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Cooking With CUBEs
Published Sun, Dec 16 2012 22:31 | Bob Phillips
As we should all know by now, PowerPivot provides Excel with a powerful way to harness data from one or more sources, and to do further analysis on that data within familiar pivot tables. Furthermore, because PowerPivot is creating an in-memory cube of...
Who Says The Ribbon Is Hard?
Published Tue, Mar 6 2012 20:41 | Bob Phillips
Introduction I was recently chatting with a friend, and he was asking how you can have dynamic ribbon buttons, buttons that are available depending upon worksheet events. I knocked up a simple example, and I thought I would share it here for anyone else...
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Ribbon On The Fly Part2
Published Thu, Mar 3 2011 12:49 | Bob Phillips
Introduction In my last blog post, I described how I thought that I could build an Excel 2007 ribbon on th fly. The technique was founded upon having a ‘worker’ addin that handled the main functionality as well as the version management and...
Ribbon on the Fly, or the Zip
Published Tue, Feb 22 2011 16:10 | Bob Phillips
I recently needed to build an Excel addin that supported a variable number of options, with buttons to invoke the options. That in itself is not unusual, but I also wanted the numbers to be driven by the user; which always complicates matters. The definition...