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Who Scratched My Table?
Published Sun, Jul 11 2010 11:45 | Bob Phillips
One of the better additions to Excel 2007 are, in my view, the functionality added to tables . I was recently working on a 2007 project and I was looking to add some highlighting using conditional formatting...
OpenOffice Is Looking Good
Published Mon, Nov 9 2009 12:45 | Bob Phillips
Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 I have blogged previously about what a rubbish job MS have done with Conditional Formatting in Excel 2007, but it seems it is worse than I feared. In this same file I now had CF setup as I wanted,...
Conditional Formatting In Excel 2007 - Chav or Mini?
Published Tue, Sep 8 2009 9:06 | Bob Phillips
Yesterday I had an incredibly frustrating time. I was updating my RibbonX Autogen routine to handle more types of controls. This is driven from a worksheet, some columns of which are generated, some of which depend upon user input. So being a helpful...