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Deploy Me Simple
Published Sat, Mar 27 2010 13:50 | Bob Phillips
Excel 2003 Addins In Excel 2007 Excel 2007 and 2010 is so different in concept to Excel 2003 and before that there are many new challenges in providing solutions that can be deployed in either version. One challenge that I have been faced with is creating...
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The XML Is On The Kid
Published Thu, Mar 11 2010 23:08 | Bob Phillips
I recently wrote about a database tool that I have built to facilitate adding stored procedures to databases, SP Builder . XL-Dennis made a couple of comments, one of which was with regards to the medium used for the script file. He talked about XML files...
Cycling Through The Fog
Published Thu, Jan 7 2010 13:19 | Bob Phillips
Dynamic Analysis Excel 2007 provides the capability to have a pivot table connected to an OLAP cube. Furthermore, detailed analysis can be built by using various CUBE functions. One of the great things about Excel 2007 pivots and CUBE functions is that...
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