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So What Exactly Did The US Government Ask Lavabit to Do?
Mon, Aug 19 2013 13:43
Most of us saw the shutdown of Lavabit as yet another possibly overhyped government spying issue and didn't really think too much of it. Much of the media coverage is already starting to die down but there still is some question as to exactly what... Read More...
Should You Ditch LastPass?
Fri, Aug 16 2013 14:46
Steve Thomas, aka Sc00bz, has brought up some very interesting issues about the LastPass password monitor that are causing some confusion so I thought I’d give another perspective on the issue. Summary of Steve’s points: When you use the LastPass... Read More...
Yes, Use Bcrypt. And Scrypt.
Mon, Mar 19 2012 13:06
I often come across articles that argue the strengths or weaknesses of one crypto algorithm or another. As these articles point out, cryptography is complicated and there are many factors that can affect any particular algorithm. The greatest threat for... Read More...