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Windows Server Failover Cluster 2012 in Depth
Published Tue, Jul 24 2012 9:18 | Thomas K.H. Bittner
Find here all sessions from Tech-Ed which covers all details about Windows Server Failover Cluster 2012. Every session takes about one hour. But it is worth taking time watching all of the sessions.  
NetApp released new SnapManager
Published Fri, Jan 13 2012 12:06 | Thomas K.H. Bittner
Find new versions with multiple enhancements for download: SnapManager for SharePoint SnapManager for SQL  
Recommendations on Reseeding Exchange 2010 databases
Published Thu, Dec 1 2011 22:22 | Thomas K.H. Bittner
When I met my former fellow Microsoft MVP, Mark Arnold, and Microsoft Technical Architect, Alex Jauch, from NetApp on Microsoft Tech-Ed 2011 in Atlanta, I was also able to watch some new achievements they have had on Exchange storage and Hyper-V Virtual...
Best Practices for Microsoft Virtualization and Netapp Storage for Hyper-V
Published Wed, Aug 3 2011 8:45 | Thomas K.H. Bittner
A consolidated version of the former articles about this scenario has been published by ‘NetApp for Microsoft Environments’ Team. You’ll find the detailed documentation about NetApp Storage Best Practices for Microsoft Virtualization and NetApp Snap-Manager...
NetApp Storage Systems in Microsoft Systems Environment
Published Tue, May 3 2011 13:05 | Thomas K.H. Bittner
NetApp published a new article and guide how their storage environment and solutions work in Windows Systems architectures and infrastructures. The article gives you a lot valued information about how it works with Domain Controllers in Active Directory...
Snapshots are not supported with Windows DFSR
Published Tue, Mar 22 2011 9:36 | Thomas K.H. Bittner
If you are running virtualized Windows Server with DFSR, snapshots are not supported as with any other Windows Multi-Master Database. DFSR does not implement USN rollback quarantine protection like Active Directory Domain Services. More details here ...
Install a Hyper-V Cluster
Published Sat, Feb 19 2011 15:22 | Thomas K.H. Bittner
A complex challenge is to install a Hyper-V Cluster. Chris Collins from NetApp has put together all the necessary steps to achieve such a Hyper-V Cluster. Find here the checklist from Alex Jauch from NetApp who published the necessary steps to finally...
More Performance with SMBv2x on Windows and NetApp
Published Wed, Sep 22 2010 19:22 | Thomas K.H. Bittner
NetApp has prepared an interesting performance test with new SMBv2.x available with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. The NetApp OnTap operating system has already been updated to support SMBv2. Find here the result figures about performance increase...
Best Practise Deployment Exchange 2010 with NetApp Storage
Published Sat, May 29 2010 10:33 | Thomas K.H. Bittner
In the May issue of Tech OnTap an article has been published that describes some of the new features for Exchange 2010 and discusses best practices for deploying it with NetApp storage including HA, virtualization, and storage efficiency. You can check...