Visual Studio 2008 at the Movies - February 7

So, the muckety-mucks (i.e. my bosses) at ObjectSharp have been kicking around the idea of having an event to showcase the latest and greatest stuff in Visual Studio 2008. We got a date: February 7, 2008; and then we got a location: The Paramount Scotia Bank Theatre in downtown Toronto; but then we needed a name for the event. There were many ideas bandied about but we decided to go with "Visual Studio 2008 at the Movies" because we were talking about Visual Studio 2008 and we were holding the event at a movie theatre... give it a chance, it'll sink in in a second or two.

OK? Good.

So, our graphic designer, Nick Van Exan (who was responsible for our award-winning Silverlight Holiday Christmas Card), takes the idea and runs with it. First, he comes up with this beauty based on the original Oceans 11 movie poster.

Visual Studio 2008 at the Movies

We put together a little web page describing the event and send invites out to our friends, neighbours and family.

Is Nick done? No way.

After a little more work with MS Paint, or whatever program Nick uses to work his magic, he comes up with this homage to one of the greatest movies ever, Spaceballs.

The Codefather

Pretty cool, huh? But is Nick done? Not quite.

As evil geniuses are want to do, Nick takes the process one step too far. Only a twisted mind that has been locked up in an office for hours with only a 16 bit colour pallette could come up with something like this.

The Dev Who Shagged Me

I nearly peed my pants when I saw this. Who knows what will be next.

Anyway, the important part is, if you want to come hang out with the consultants from ObjectSharp, have some popcorn and soda, and learn about what's going on in the world of Visual Studio 2008 then please join us for Visual Studio 2008 at the Movies.

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