Installing Windows Vista Beta 2 - Good Experience

Last night and today I installed Windows Vista Beta 2 on two laptops. A Dell Lattitude C600 (PIII-667 MHz with 512 Mb RAM) and a Dell Inspiron 5100 (P4-2.40 GHz with 1 Gb RAM) and besides one small issue with a PC Wireless card everything went very smoothly.

The install on the 5100 went very smoothly. Everything, including wireless networking, worked fine when the install was complete.

The C600 is about a five year old machine. After installing Vista I had to download and install the ethernet driver, the modem driver and the audio driver. The XP versions of these drivers were all available on the Dell support site so this was quick and painless. I also had to install drivers for my Linksys WPC11 PC wireless card, this was a little less painless. Basically, I installed the Wireless Configuration software from Linksys, put the PC in the machine and then updated the driver through Device Manager. When I rebooted the configuration manager software caused dome errors but removing this app from the startup programs solved that problem. Now everything is working fine but it's slow, too slow for day-today use. Windows Vista is just a little bit too much for that hardware configuration.


Published Sun, Jun 18 2006 21:47 by windsor
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