John Lam's Doing a Keynote Session on Ruby at VSLive! Toronto

Fellow ObjectSharpee John Lam will be giving a Keynote Talk at VSLive! later this month.

The Future of Programming Languages
The tools that we use as software developers help us create new code faster. Yet, this is not what most of us do in our jobs; what we really do is transform existing code into version N + 1. The tool vendors have taken notice and given us new tools that support automated refactoring, unit tests and code coverage analysis. But perhaps the problem isn’t our tools; perhaps the problem is our programming languages.

We are rapidly approaching a tipping point in programming languages. Looming on the horizon are dynamically-typed languages such as Python and Ruby. These languages trade straight-line performance for increased programmer productivity and happiness. When coupled with the richness of the .NET platform, you have a remarkably powerful tool for creating business applications. Come see the future of programming languages today.

I should also mention that another collegue, Barry Gervin, is giving one of the .NET Focus Day sessions at the conference.

Enterprise-Class Version Control with Visual Studio Team System
Evolve from Source Safe and improve the predictability and reliability of delivering mission-critical solutions. This session covers using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System features focused on improving your source control including advanced SCC, integration with work items, branching, merging, promotion, access control and policies.

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