Toronto Code Camp and First Time Speakers

First off, the Toronto Code Camp was a big success. Thanks to Jean-Luc, Chris and all of the volunteers for such a well organized event. Your hard work definitely paid off.

One of the great aspects of this event, and of Code Camps in general, is the opportunity for anyone from the community to do a talk. There were several first-time speakers at this event and while most of them were nervous in the speaker’s room before their talks, I'm sure all of them thoroughly enjoyed themselves and would do it again in a heartbeat. Kate Gregory post links to blog entries from two of the first-timers, Paul Scarlett and Shaun Hayward, who describe their experiences.

Paul wrote to Carl and Richard at .NET Rocks! and he talks about his letter being read on the air [1]. Carl and Richard also have a sm=imilar discussion with Don Demsak (a.k.a. DonXML) following a New Jersey Code Camp last October [2].

If you have ever thought about doing a technical presentation you don’t have to wait for the next Code Camp, just find a local user group and let the leader know. It’s a great way to learn (you always learn more when you prepare to teach someone else) and a great way to market yourself.

[1] (about 5 minutes in)
[2] (about 40 minutes in)

Published Sun, Feb 5 2006 7:09 by windsor
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