MSDN User Group Tour Hits North York

The MSDN User Group Tour hits North York on Monday, October 4. Adam Gallant from MSDN Canada will stop by the Toronto Visual Basic User Group to talk about building mobile applications.

This presentation will focus on building Mobile applications using the .NET Compact Framework and SQL CE. It will demonstrate and review source code of a pre-built application. The session will explore:

- Using P/Invoke and why it is so important in the .NET Compact Framework
- Developing "Sometime Offline" Applications in the .NET Compact Framework
- Creating a Self-Updating .NET Compact Framework Application.
- Using Inheritance to create a Stream Interface Driver
- Consuming Asynchronous Web Services calls
- Best Practices for using SQL CE

For all the details, visit There's no need to register, just come on out and enjoy the fun.

See you there.

Published Thu, Sep 30 2004 23:13 by windsor
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