UniversalThread – An Awesome Developers Community

I can’t believe I’ve never heard of the web site before.

UniversalThread (http://www.universalthread.com) started around 10 years ago as an alternative to the Compuserve forums for FoxPro developers. Since that time it’s grown and while it still includes a very active Visual FoxPro discussion forum it has also added an equally active .NET forum, a monthly online magazine and a very robust user group section.

The user group section has to be seen to be believed. There are tons of valuable features for group leaders and members alike.

Another very attractive aspect of the site is that the membership is monitored very closely. You need to register and be approved to use the features of the site so there’s no spam or trivial messages to deal with. You also get to see the real name, location, employer, and often a picture of the people you’re messaging.

I’ve just signed up and am starting to feel my way around the site; I highly suggest you give it a try as well.

Published Sun, Jun 20 2004 17:26 by windsor
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