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Sql Server 2005 - Biztalk 2006 will be here soon....
Published Tue, Jun 7 2005 10:38 | William
Greetings, It is official - the countdown to launch has begun! During my Tech.Ed keynote this morning, I announced that SQL Server(TM) 2005, Visual Studio ® 2005 and BizTalk ® Server 2006 will launch the week of November 7. This will be the...
Unable to Start Debugging in ASP.NET Applications.
Published Thu, Feb 3 2005 15:59 | William
Well, it's happened to my on a few machines so I figured I'd mention it. You're going along, your ASP.NET apps are working fine other than the bugs you've coded in them, and then you reboot one day and poof - as soon as you try to compile you get a “Unable...
Published Sun, Jan 30 2005 2:45 | William
Well, I finally bit the bullet and purchased my site from Brinkster. I'm going to be hosting blogs for a few of my disaffected DNJ friends - but well, due to the nature of the site - I'm not handing them out to everyone - If I know you, or you can convince...
The Middle Tier isn't going anywhere.
Published Mon, Jan 17 2005 22:54 | William
Sahil turned me on to Kiss the Middle-tier Goodbye with SQL Server Yukon . I thought this was the Onion . Look, I'm not dogging XML or Yukon - I love them both, but this is pure nonsense. Here are a few of the Limitations mentioned in the article: XML...
Linked List Benchmarking..
Published Wed, Jan 5 2005 0:40 | William
Hardly the most scientific based analysis - but it makes the point: I've just started getting back into the 2.0 Framework and came across my old friend the linked list. The linked list was one of those data structures that was actually fun to program...


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