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Leviton, Microsoft's Z-Wave/Windows Solutions
Published Sun, Jan 28 2007 22:37 | William
This is very very cool.
Sql Server 2005 - Biztalk 2006 will be here soon....
Published Tue, Jun 7 2005 10:38 | William
Greetings, It is official - the countdown to launch has begun! During my Tech.Ed keynote this morning, I announced that SQL Server(TM) 2005, Visual Studio ® 2005 and BizTalk ® Server 2006 will launch the week of November 7. This will be the...
Getting Props for .NET Refactor
Published Wed, Apr 6 2005 15:59 | William
My friends and former co-workers/boss and I created .NET Refactor to help us refactor some of our code and it turned into a pretty cool product pretty fast. Les is the man when it comes to writing Visual Studio .NET Add-Ins and Brian is the man that never...
Code Camp
Published Mon, Feb 28 2005 13:42 | William
I'll be speaking at two different code camps in the near future - the one in Atlanta and the one in Charlotte. Code camp is really cool even though they let people like me talk there - they have to allow the token dork make a speech. If you aren't familiar...
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Unable to Start Debugging in ASP.NET Applications.
Published Thu, Feb 3 2005 15:59 | William
Well, it's happened to my on a few machines so I figured I'd mention it. You're going along, your ASP.NET apps are working fine other than the bugs you've coded in them, and then you reboot one day and poof - as soon as you try to compile you get a “Unable...
VNC on the Compact Framework and more
Published Tue, Feb 1 2005 21:36 | William
My boy Jason just tipped me off to a C# VNC . Even runs on the Compact Framework - very very cool
Improving a CAPTCHA - An idea
Published Mon, Jan 31 2005 0:20 | William
Ok, so you have probably already heard about all of the controversy my homey KC caused with his Captcha beater. He posted his suggestions on how to make Captcha stronge, which are provided below: render the characters with different colors make some characters...
Published Sun, Jan 30 2005 2:45 | William
Well, I finally bit the bullet and purchased my site from Brinkster. I'm going to be hosting blogs for a few of my disaffected DNJ friends - but well, due to the nature of the site - I'm not handing them out to everyone - If I know you, or you can convince...
My Homey Moved
Published Thu, Jan 27 2005 22:21 | William
My homey Sahil moved his blog - and well, now I can actually read it without a parameter exception!
Cutting and Pasting Rectangles in Visual Stuido .NET
Published Tue, Jan 25 2005 19:54 | William
This is one of many gems in Mihn's killer book Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks. But today was a prime example of how cool this is. I had a whole slew of variables that were marked as Private but needed to be marked as protected instead. Also, I had...
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Linked List Benchmarking..
Published Wed, Jan 5 2005 0:40 | William
Hardly the most scientific based analysis - but it makes the point: I've just started getting back into the 2.0 Framework and came across my old friend the linked list. The linked list was one of those data structures that was actually fun to program...
Intelligent Blog Spam
Published Thu, Dec 30 2004 19:52 | William
Just saw Sahil's from Sahil. Well, I've uncovered something really interesting. It seems that the Spammers are using other posts, for instance on ADO.NET 2.0 - posting stuff that's related enough that it doesn't set off the stink detector - but posting...
Newsgroup Cowboys
Published Thu, Dec 30 2004 18:32 | William
Originally, I was going to title this Newsgroup a-holes. But I decided to sound a little more European and opt for Cowboy instead. What is a Newsgroup Cowboy you ask? Well, it's someone who runs their mouth first, and then thinks about it later. Here...
"It works on my machine" - Please Comment!
Published Sat, Dec 11 2004 22:48 | William
Ok, a friend of mine has had a lot of bad experiences with developers. When we first became friends, it was because she couldn't believe that I was a programmer and not a total a33hole. The first company she worked at she worked in support and their software...
Julia Lermen - Always Cool!
Published Sun, Dec 5 2004 21:23 | William
Julia just posted this and it's pretty darned neat .
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Andrew Baum's RSS .NET Rocks! Anouncement Web Control
Published Sun, Dec 5 2004 21:21 | William
Carl just posted this and well, it's pretty friggin cool
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Thank You Neil! (Excellent Rant by Neil C.)
Published Sun, Dec 5 2004 21:18 | William
If you don't know who Neil is - he's the English guy with the 300 IQ that is one of the founders of Not only does he always have some brilliant ideas code wise - but his rants are priceless. Somehow I missed THIS BRILLIANT RANT which he...
S.P.O.T. Choked
Published Sun, Dec 5 2004 21:04 | William
BTW, I'll be posting pics of everything tomorrow- but the S.P.O.T. watched Choked in Atlanta (and yes, there's service coverage there). Every time I tried checking traffic or news, I got the trying to acquire data message which took about 6 hours to go...
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