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Chrome's EULA
Published Thu, Sep 4 2008 11:32 | William
Yah, I'm probably like the 10 trillionth person to post about it, but until now I hadn't really had a chance to look at it. This morning Gizmodo had a piece on it which definitely makes you shake your head thinking WTF. However like most things...
The downside to copy and paste
Published Fri, Dec 28 2007 0:01 | William
As much time as I spend on computers, it's really hard to imagine life without the Clipboard. Copy/Cut/Paste is such a handy feature I couldn't begin to calculate how much time and effort it's saved me. However, it's definitely caused...
The Bill of Rights in 2007
Published Tue, Dec 18 2007 22:31 | William
So often when I hear talking heads pontificate about constitutional issues, I hear two basic sides. The first is the strict constructionist interpretation where they claim the constitution is clear as day hence end of discussion. On the other side you...
Another major data breach
Published Thu, Nov 22 2007 1:24 | William
Although this time the incompetence and sloppiness wasn't the Veteran's Administration . In each of the stories of this sort that I remember, the data turns up a few weeks later, is blamed on some small and innocent mistake and all kinds of assurances...
Free Silverlight Training
Published Tue, Aug 14 2007 20:53 | William
My friend Brian Madsen who owns CSharpZealot has teamed up with InnerWorkings to extend a really slick offer for Free Silverlight Training for CSharpZealot members . In addition, Shawn Wildermuth has been way ahead of the crowd when it comes to Silverlight...
I guess they send the spam for a reason
Published Mon, Feb 5 2007 1:34 | William
I guess I've been on the internet so long it's hard to remember when I got my first spam email. In fact, I honestly don't have an inkling about the details of the first spam message I got. But I do know that I haven't once seriously considered responding...
Errata for 70-536
Published Wed, Jul 5 2006 1:42 | William
I just wanted to open up a discussion on it so here it is . I'll be posting updates/corrections/everything else there and if anyone is interested in posting, the floor is open. Please use the link above (here it is) to post. For some reason there...
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Gets Cracked
Published Tue, Jul 4 2006 20:32 | William
Took'em 1 year to crack PGP? My a55. It took them about an hour to have some dude at the NSA crack it, then they spent the rest of the year waiting to make the announcement
AOL Customer Service Call from H3ll
Published Fri, Jun 23 2006 2:18 | William
This is a Absolutely shocking . It took this guy over 20 minutes to cancel his account (and although AOL claims they don't encourage this stuff, how many nightmare stories have you heard about people cancelling AOL? Granted, few people use such a lame...
Why Technical People shouldn't design interfaces...
Published Fri, Jun 9 2006 4:24 | William
Not too long ago , I discussed the fact that programmers are pretty much the last people that should be developing interfaces. My point wasn't that developers are incapable of understanding good UI design concepts, it's just that for some reason or another...
My book hits Amazon top 100 in Technology
Published Wed, Jun 7 2006 15:07 | William
The rankings change frequently, but yesterday, the day before My First MS Press Book was officially released, it broke the Top 100 on Amazon's rankings for Computer and Internet . It's sitting at 2,537 overall which is very cool but we have a long way...
Suggestions on NNTP Client + misc comments on the state of software
Published Sat, Jan 7 2006 18:21 | William
I've been using the IE 7 Beta for my browser for a while and really like it. I've contemplated using Firefox for a while but haven't been all that impressed. The main reason I even considered using Firefox is because Frans strongly advocates its and he...
My blog has been PWNED
Published Thu, Jul 21 2005 7:25 | William
So looks like the lower kced one [lco] .. Yep, I just got NAILED with BLOG SPAM last night, and it wasn't from the API either. It's a great spam too.. encouraging people to spam the sh1t out of public newsgroups a minimum of 200 times each so that they...
My Love Affair with X10
Published Mon, May 30 2005 13:13 | William
I just got the first leg of my project cranking and I'm a lot more enthused about the possibilities than I have been so far. One of the biggest obstacles I saw originally was that I am a very dangerous person when it comes to fix'er up type project. I...
Intellectual Property Theft
Published Thu, May 12 2005 11:27 | William
One of my co-authors, Ambrose just wrote intellectual property theft . Well said.


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