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Looking for some .NET Developers
Published Fri, Jun 6 2008 22:19 | William
A client of mine located in the Aiken/Columbia South Carolina Area has asked me if I had any friends who are .NET Developers and looking for a job. They are looking for at least one Junior Developer, on Mid-Level Developer and several Senior developers...
Free Silverlight Training
Published Tue, Aug 14 2007 20:53 | William
My friend Brian Madsen who owns CSharpZealot has teamed up with InnerWorkings to extend a really slick offer for Free Silverlight Training for CSharpZealot members . In addition, Shawn Wildermuth has been way ahead of the crowd when it comes to Silverlight...
Comment of the week - Sql Server Reporting Services vs. Crystal
Published Wed, Sep 27 2006 6:27 | William
A while ago, I posted this about how much a55 I think Crystal Reports sucks. A long time ago, back at like v.7, I thought Crystal was a decent product. And to be honest, it still is a decent product. But it comes with a lot of baggage and has a lot that...
Do you have any ideas about preparation for 70-529?
Published Wed, Jun 28 2006 3:30 | William
As you may know, I'm coauthoring . In particular, I'm covering the following objectives: Create and configure an XML Web service method. Create a public method. Attach the WebMethodAttribute attribute...
Seasons Changing
Published Sun, Feb 26 2006 15:43 | William
Today one of my Tobin Titus is packing up for his move to Microsoft. At the same time, another good buddy, Chris Williams is moving to Greenville. Although I live in Augusta, I spend most of my time here in Greenville. Chump Change , since I know you...
Fedex API
Published Sat, May 28 2005 15:38 | William
Since Web Services have become cool, I've tried to do as much with major commercial ones as I can. The problem is that in professional terms, I haven't had many requirements where I really needed to use them. I'm written some utilities for my own use...


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