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Looking for some .NET Developers
Published Fri, Jun 6 2008 22:19 | William
A client of mine located in the Aiken/Columbia South Carolina Area has asked me if I had any friends who are .NET Developers and looking for a job. They are looking for at least one Junior Developer, on Mid-Level Developer and several Senior developers...
Filtering data ADO.NET Synchronization Services
Published Tue, Nov 13 2007 21:20 | William
If you dabble in Orcas or are a data aficionado, then you have probably at least heard of Synchronization Services . If you haven't heard of it, let me try to pique your interest. The business case for Sync Services is simple. You have data in one...
Free Silverlight Training
Published Tue, Aug 14 2007 20:53 | William
My friend Brian Madsen who owns CSharpZealot has teamed up with InnerWorkings to extend a really slick offer for Free Silverlight Training for CSharpZealot members . In addition, Shawn Wildermuth has been way ahead of the crowd when it comes to Silverlight...
Theory matters after all...
Published Wed, Aug 8 2007 4:53 | William
There are many discussions developers have with each other that always make for interesting discussions. One of the best ones is "How much does a Computer Science degree matter?" If you argue that it's really important, you'll invariably...
Coding Arguments - aka How to Start Religious Wars
Published Mon, Jul 23 2007 5:33 | William
I am lucky enough to work for a company that really encourages us to get together and learn/hang out etc. One way this happens is by Tech Nights. Basically, we have in office meetings which are recorded via Live Meeting, where someone picks a topic and...
Programmatic Malpractice
Published Wed, Jan 31 2007 22:23 | William
In the category of "I couldn't make something like this up even if I tried" comes the following code. Rather than try to dissect what it is that's wrong with it, it's a lot easier to find what's right with it. If the person that...
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I'll be doing the presentation next Monday
Published Fri, Jan 26 2007 0:39 | William
If you're going to be in Atlanta next week, stop by the .NET User Group Presentation . As you probably know already, I tend toward non mainstream technologies. This presentation is going to be on Windows Cardspace , Windows Communication Foundation and...
How to be really annoying with Pocket Outlook
Published Thu, Jan 25 2007 6:08 | William
If you've been following my coding tonight, you can probably tell what I'm up to. If you call me regularly, you probably are already familiar with this little project, aka the CuckooBot. He's up to Version 4.0 and about to be released into the wild. Yes...
Password Protection != Encryption on SqlCe
Published Thu, Jan 25 2007 3:50 | William
I know this probably seems pretty obvious, but believe it or not, it's a very common area of confusion. Take a look at the following declaration: String ConnectionString = String .Format( @"Data Source=\BlueCuckoo.sdf;password={0}" , "SomeValue" ); SqlCeEngine...
SMS Messages with Windows Mobile 5.0
Published Thu, Jan 25 2007 2:40 | William
A while ago, I was playing around creating a bot, a Snarkier version of the Mobile Secretary Application . Well, it was late and I got sloppy. So basically, my little app sent out a text message to everyone on one of my company's Outlook distribution...
A very slick Smartphone Emulator feature
Published Thu, Jan 25 2007 1:25 | William
I'm finishing up some SmartPhone articles I should have posted soon but figured I could discuss this one very quickly. Any professional application should be thoroughly tested on a physical device that it will be run on. However that's not practical for...
Musings on the database formerly known as Sql Everywhere
Published Thu, Nov 2 2006 2:53 | William
The IM volume I received today about the Rollback to SqlCE issue was enough to border on overwhelming. Between PMs and some lazy SOB CRM guy trying to get me to do all his work for him, it was hard focusing on work today. (And seriously, if you are a...
Cool things you can do with Windows Mobile
Published Tue, Oct 24 2006 1:11 | William
There's a lot of possiblity to create cool stuff like this on Windows Mobile . Devices are waiting for a compelling app and stuff like this, or like Casey often does are going to drive us to finding it (my money is on Casey to actuall invent it but...
Differentiating between "Denormalization" and excuse making.
Published Wed, Sep 27 2006 6:47 | William
I've actually got a lot to discuss about database stuff but wanted to start out explaining a very basic concept. All me to disgress for a moment. I've worked at a few places where there were some Cobol/AS 400 developers that were quite full of...
Comment of the week - Sql Server Reporting Services vs. Crystal
Published Wed, Sep 27 2006 6:27 | William
A while ago, I posted this about how much a55 I think Crystal Reports sucks. A long time ago, back at like v.7, I thought Crystal was a decent product. And to be honest, it still is a decent product. But it comes with a lot of baggage and has a lot that...
Normalization really does matter
Published Thu, Sep 7 2006 15:30 | William
It seems like years ago, but I remember one of my professors giving us an assignment. It involved taking a database chock full of redundancies and writing the SQL Statements to make a few small updates. We thought it was an assignment to test our SQL...
Transferring data around with ADO.NET 2.0 - SqlBulkCopy
Published Sat, Aug 26 2006 17:03 | William
I'm working at a client on a data migration and found some results that were surprising. I expected there to be a difference but not one quite this large... Synopsis of Problem: Right now I'm working on a rather complex migration from a bunch of disparate...
Stealing code ;-(
Published Mon, Jul 3 2006 23:45 | William
I don't know why I even let it bother me but a lot of times is still does. Usually starts out with me working on something, an article, a book, a newsgroup question. I start searching around and use words that I think describe what I'm looking for. Low...
Do you have any ideas about preparation for 70-529?
Published Wed, Jun 28 2006 3:30 | William
As you may know, I'm coauthoring . In particular, I'm covering the following objectives: Create and configure an XML Web service method. Create a public method. Attach the WebMethodAttribute attribute...
Biztalk - What do you call a 'difficult' application
Published Thu, Jun 15 2006 3:19 | William
I think I'm going back into one of my hypomanic phases b/c everything seems so clear and I'm learning at an amazing pace. Back to Biztalk. Ok ok. Back in the day I was pretty big into Biztalk. For a while, it seemed like it was fizzling out and since...
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