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Doug Marsh is blogging...
Published Tue, Jun 19 2007 23:59 | William
My homie from work Doug Marsh has started blogging . Doug is one of our office's up and coming stars and our resident Biztalk Guru. He'll no doubt have some interesting stuff to talk about.
New Speech Forum on GotSpeech
Published Fri, Jun 15 2007 16:15 | William
Showing that they really leave no stone unturned in their pursuit to be the web's premier Speech Server site, Marshall and Mark created a new Forum dedicated exculsively to Desktop Speech Applications . From a business perspective, Speech Server as...
Reality Check gets some more Ink
Published Wed, Jun 13 2007 4:03 | William
Always cool to see Good friends doing well and getting some props for it.
A reprieve from Paris-Mania
Published Mon, Jun 11 2007 0:34 | William
I've had a ton of projects I had to get caught up on this weekend. That means that for most of yesterday, I was typing away on my notebook with XM Radio in the background. Weekends are really bad on XM because they usually play mostly reruns of shows...
"As a gay man and a gay journalist"
Published Sun, Jun 10 2007 19:21 | William
Doug Dangger is alive and well, and even while Phil was on hiatus, his memory leaved. After listening to Combover fall for the whole bit, doesn't his coverup at the end seem really lame? Combover Boy gets pranked.
Published Sun, Jun 10 2007 19:02 | William
I must be getting old because i remember when having two monitors was ubercool and having three was a thing of movies and millionaires. Even at work, having two monitors is pretty common nowadays and having three is becoming pretty common. UltraMon is...
Keeping up isn't as easy as it used to be
Published Sat, Jun 9 2007 19:25 | William
I know I got a little spoiled in between releases of Sql Server 2000 and 2005. That provided a nice long window to learn 2000 from 97 and then to prepare to 2005. Tons of features were added to 2005 so really learning it wasn't a trivial endeavor...
Ask a SqlGuru
Published Sat, Jun 9 2007 19:22 | William
Hat Tip: My homie Brian MadsenA> Peter Ward has set up a really great Sql Server web site called Ask Sql Guru . I just found out about it recently and have already made it a regular stop.
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Like a Scene out of Grindhouse
Published Fri, Jun 8 2007 11:33 | William
That's what this reminded me of. Thank God the guy came out of his unharmed.
My Programming Type
Published Thu, Jun 7 2007 17:04 | William
I just say The Programming Type meme linked from Shawn's Blog . My Type is DSLC. In reality, I'm not quite this black and white but the way the questions were layed out, there wasn't much middle ground. I'm a doer but I definitely appreciate...
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I hate to tell you this m'am...
Published Sun, Jun 3 2007 19:42 | William
But you've got hippies . Well, as much as I'd like to see Lake Wobegon firebombed or nukes, it might be a better use of resources at H & A. (For those humor impaired readers, I don't actually want to see H & A nuked, but I absolutely...
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Maddox at his best
Published Sun, Jun 3 2007 19:02 | William
Every part of this kicks a55. And somehow, I missed his updated Truther Parody . Another classic
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Top 8 Phil Hendrie Show Bits
Published Sun, Jun 3 2007 17:57 | William
Joanna Lopez posts about the top 8 Phil Hendrie bits Joanna seriously needs a clue. I'll agree that the Merry Gone with the Wind Kwanzaa bit is top material. But that's about it on her list. All you can eat Negro? You Islam with Pastor William...
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A wonderful milestone
Published Sun, Jun 3 2007 15:16 | William
GotSpeech gets its 1,000th member . It couldn't happen to a better site ;-)
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I blame this on Andy
Published Sat, Jun 2 2007 22:21 | William
I noticed they're from Portland. Earlier this week I woke up late for work. I play Coast To Coast AM all night to help me sleep and XM channel 165 starts playing Quinn and Rose at 6:00 AM. That usually drives me nuts really quickly and I usually get...
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Phil Hendrie Retuns?
Published Fri, Jun 1 2007 20:00 | William
Well, Justin left a comment today and I follwed up on it. Phil Hendrie will return! . God I hope this isn't a joke. UPDATE: More news Phil Hendrie News
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If you'll be at Tech Ed
Published Fri, Jun 1 2007 18:39 | William
Marshall Harrison/ and my fellow Magenicon Michael Dunn will be presenting at Tech Ed . If you read my blog then you know who these guys are. If you don't, Marshall is the founder of GotSpeech/ and Mike is very active at GotSpeech . I won't be...
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