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Northern Virgina Code Camp
Published Thu, Feb 22 2007 0:23 | William
You've probably already read the announcement on Jeff's blog but they just announced the registration for the Northern Virginia Code Camp . Code camps are always pretty cool and hopefully this time I can stick around and hang out with Sahil , Scott ,...
Pro WCF: Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation
Published Sun, Feb 18 2007 23:41 | William
I went on a book binge this week and have had my nose buried in WCF all week. There's a lot of really good stuff out there, but without a doubt, Pro WCF: Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation by Chris Peiris is probably my favorite. Overall, the book...
Some cool Rainbow blogs
Published Sun, Feb 18 2007 22:15 | William
Until recently, I didn't have much experience with either Rainbow or DotNetNuke. I've heard a lot of great stuff about both and am still stumbling around through them. Here are two pretty good resources though if you're interested in Rainbow... Eric Ramseur...
MVP Chat at StrongCoders
Published Fri, Feb 16 2007 2:54 | William
Details here...
Contaminated Peanut Butter
Published Fri, Feb 16 2007 1:52 | William
So if you haven't heard there was a recall of Peter Pan peanut butter . I'm reading it and notice that just last night, I bought some and yet, it was Peter Pan. The recall notice was for jars who had a number beginning with 2111 on the lid. Sure enough...
World Wind 1.4 Released
Published Thu, Feb 15 2007 16:11 | William
I'm a day late on this so it's probably old news, but if you're a World Wind user, the new version is available here. And in case you were wondering, yes, it's 100% kick a55
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First pass through Windows Liveā„¢ Search Web Service API
Published Thu, Feb 15 2007 6:24 | William
So far, I've done nothing too impressive with this. I got sick of SSRS, I guess the Miami Vice Bikini girl just got me distracted. Anyway, as most of my family and co-workers know, I've been working on the CuckooBot for a while now, much to their dismay...
Total Time Wasters
Published Thu, Feb 15 2007 5:13 | William
At some point, I'm going to learn that I'm apparently unable to 'just take a 5 minute break and watch some stuff on YouTube". I was sitting here working on what might possibly be the most boring code I've ever written and just needed...
My first speech post
Published Tue, Feb 13 2007 1:52 | William
This is a test. Ignore this text and this post
I don't know what it is, but I want one
Published Tue, Feb 13 2007 0:43 | William
Earlier, I was reading a post from the Drudgereport linking to a blog post from Michael Yon . As is often the case when one gets linked to from Drudge, Yon's server went down. If you aren't familiar with Yon, he's a milblogger who has some really interesting...
Some things are just wrong. Seriously
Published Sat, Feb 10 2007 2:46 | William
So there I was at the mall tonight, in a major retailer when I was overcome with this really eery and uncomfortable feeling. I wasn't sure what it was but my subconcious mind was yelling "Dude, something's wrong, big time." Oblivious to my surroundings...
AcceptChanges and Updates once more
Published Fri, Feb 9 2007 4:45 | William
So the following question was posted to a forum I frequent and it serves a good point of illustration: "I wont to clear all the data from tables in the database. I have studentiDataset, and i tried this code: Form2.StudentiDataSet.Clear() Form2.StudentiDataSet...
EVERYONE must lurn .NET.
Published Fri, Feb 9 2007 4:21 | William
<Yes, this is an inside joke geared specifically for a chivalrous group of my readers> So the questions of the day are, is it 1 out of the 4 And Is it A or B? Being the lover of philosophy that I am, I'd defer to Occham on this one: " entia non...
Ignore: This is just a test
Published Fri, Feb 9 2007 3:47 | William
I took Sahil's advice and am trying Windows Live Writer . Technorati tags: Mindless Babbling , Me , Misc Technology
Better keep my day job
Published Wed, Feb 7 2007 2:44 | William
I got this from Brian's - it's been around a while but always interesting to re-check. My blog is worth $10,161.72 . How much is your blog worth? Looks like i better keep my day job...
Famous Last Words
Published Wed, Feb 7 2007 0:32 | William
I have very little to goof on Bill Gates about, but he's being Mighty brave with challenges like this . On the one hand, I really admire his approach and smack talking. "We made it way harder for guys to do exploits," said Mr. Gates. "The number [of exploits...
Vista Upgrades, Windows.old and RTFM
Published Tue, Feb 6 2007 3:38 | William
Well, I upgraded my computers to VISTA and didn't have any problem. I was scared about my tablet b/c I install every bit of alpha and beta software I want to try on it. So it all went without a glitch. Except this annoying "Windows.old" file. Like the...
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Programmers do actually make suckier interfaces than other people
Published Mon, Feb 5 2007 1:56 | William
Aaron's post asserts that programmers aren't to blame for crappy UIs and I'm not sure he's right about that point. As a programmer and software user, I have to say that most of the truly terrible user interfaces I've seen in my life were not the result...
I guess they send the spam for a reason
Published Mon, Feb 5 2007 1:34 | William
I guess I've been on the internet so long it's hard to remember when I got my first spam email. In fact, I honestly don't have an inkling about the details of the first spam message I got. But I do know that I haven't once seriously considered responding...
Any Thoughts?
Published Mon, Feb 5 2007 0:22 | William
So I need one of these like I need a hole in the head but I think I want one. Another thing I'm thinking about is going to Wireless N at the house. I just upgraded the stuff at Kim's house to Mimo G - and so far, it seems a lot cooler (if nothing else...
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