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I can almost feel the hate mail accruing before I even post this, but it's too funny not to post.  Do you remember a group called 20 Fingers?  They had two songs that were quite popular in most of the dance clubs like 10 years ago.  Anyway, I've had a discussion with a few acquaintences (names left out to protect the innocent) regarding Camel Toe . I wasn't sure if it was safe to post or not, but check, if Toe has an entry on it, it's got to be safe right?  So I noticed an inordinately high occurence of Toe in Bellevue, WA and was thinking Bellevue might be the Toe capital of the world.  Greenville and Augusta had a fairly high instance, but nothing like Bellevue.  Fast forward to Atlanta.  I've seen 12 zingers since 6:30 tonight which is pretty high by any measure.  So I was heading over to the movie theatre to see the Black Dahlia when low and behold, some punks in front of me came to a complete stop to rap with their homies.  Their homies were 10000% emo and were on skateboards (Why we haven't instituted the death penalty for skateboarders is beyond me) which really annoyed me. So as I sat there waiting, i started to get annoyed.  I rolled my window down b/c I wanted to politely ask if they'd consider getting the **** out of the way when I heard this music that sounded like 20 Fingers. So I thought 'maybe they're cool after all."  Then the chorus kicked in  "Blah blah blah - She had a Camel toe". I couldn't believe my ears or the irony.  Less than an hour before this I had just emailed a friend discussing the Toe phenomenon.  And then I find out there's actually a Camel Toe song. So I hit the horn and the kids thought I was honking to tell them to move (which I was originally).  One of the emo dudes looks over at me (sort of, he looked in my direction, flipped his hair, stared at the ground while looking my way) and said "Sorry dude".  So I yelled out, No, I'm not asking you to move, can you ask your friend who sings this song?  So the driver turns around apparently surprised and yells out, "It's Fanny Pack".  The Emo dude repeats it to me.  So I was like, screw the movie, I've got to go find out what this is all about.  If you find Camel Toe as funny as i do - here are the lyrics.  If you are in the mood for a good laugh or 10, hit You Tube and search for Camel Toe - there's actually quite a few great songs...

Toe Videos

Fanny Pack - Camel Toe
um hmm thats right uh huh uh huh
um hmm thats right uh huh uh huh

walking down the street
something caught my eye
a growing epidemic that really ain't fly
a middle aged lady
i gotta be blunt
her spandex biker shorts were creepin up the front

I could see her uterus her pants were too tight
She must've owned panties that were not in sight
She walked right by the poor woman didn't know
She had a frontal wedgie a Camel Toe

um hmm thats right uh huh
oh no
fix yourself girl
you got a
Camel Toe
um hmm thats right uh huh
oh no
fix yourself girl
you got a
Camel Toe

girl thats gotta hurt
take some time and adjust can't you see people staring
and making a fuss
could not believe my eyes had to take a second glance
is your crotch hungry girl
cause its eating your pants
do you enjoy the comotion and attenetion it brings
the only lips i wanna see are the ones that sing
in public putting on an x rated show grossin people out
with your Camel Toe

[Repeat Chorus]

first day of spring and by the looks of things these girls have forgot how to dress
a little quick to wearin
wearin pum pum shorts
and its causin me much distress
whoomp there it is
yeha right in the front
everybody come and get a good look
i can see everything through the panty cling every cranny
and every nook
you better take a quick minute
before you step outside
and check the area thats pubic
or you'll get your panties all up in a bunch all twisted up
like rubic
take these words of advice
cause its not very nice
i wanna put you al in the know
girls don't sleep
don't let your pants creep
watch out for
The Camel Toe


# ANON said on October 9, 2006 4:11 PM:

Yeah, I heard a song with the same title, although I think it was a different song: http://www.amuzensantics.com/videos/funny/cameltoe-song.php


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