In Atlanta for the Weekend

Published Sat, Jun 10 2006 22:34 | William

Decided to take a littlle break from the fast paced life in Augusta, GA and head over to Atlanta.  Made it here in record time, no wrecks along the way, no traffic, nothing - just a pleasant drive on a beautiful day.

I have enough Starwood points accumulated that I got a super duper room upgrade at W Atlanta.  Which reminds me of something...  IMHO, the W is by far the coolest hotel you can stay at. Sure, there are individual places in some cities that are nicer than the respective W that's there, but on the whole, you can't beat it. El Maliko is the only person I know of that hates it. According to him , the W Seattle is just barely nicer than Motel 6 or something like that. He actually gave me grief about it when he went there b/c I recommended staying there at the summit. So I asked him "Ok, so what's your idea of a nice hotel?"   According to him, the nicest hotel on earth is some La Quinta Inn in like El Segundo California. Ok, maybe it wasn't El Segundo but it was a La Quinta Inn  and I'm just not believing that anywhere, there's a La Quinta that's nicer than the W.  Sahil, this is one of those things you're just sort of wrong on (not sort of either)

Anyway, right now I'm trying to finally get reservations at Seegers. So far it's not looking like I have a prayer but the concierge told me he might have the hookup.  11 Tables is all the place has. You have to put down like a zillion dollars just to even get a reservation and if you cancel, they charge you a $100.00/per person.    I swear this has to be like the hardest place on planet earth to eat at b/c God knows I've tried getting in there before.  Since I'm not getting my hopes up about Seegers based on past experience, Mortons.  Yes, one of the main reasons I like going to Atlanta is for the food. Augusta isn't bad but it's a small town with very few people who fit the "you ain't frum round here ar-ya?" bill.   Atlanta on the other hand does.  Cuban, Thai, Indian, Brazillian, Fine dining, Chinese, Italian, you name it, it's here.   I usually get all excited about some new place I'm going to try and then get cold feet and end up at Morton's. As long as I can keep Kim away from the Remy Martin bottle, everything should be fine.  Someday, someday, hopefully I'll have enough money to drive up to Ted's of Beverly Hills in a new McClaren SLR.

If anyone is going to be around tonight, drop me a line - maybe we can get together. I'll be here tomorrow too although i've got to head home in the evening.



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