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Do you have any ideas about preparation for 70-529?
Published Wed, Jun 28 2006 3:30 | William
As you may know, I'm coauthoring http://www.microsoft.com/learning/exams/70-529.asp . In particular, I'm covering the following objectives: Create and configure an XML Web service method. Create a public method. Attach the WebMethodAttribute attribute...
AOL Customer Service Call from H3ll
Published Fri, Jun 23 2006 2:18 | William
This is a Absolutely shocking . It took this guy over 20 minutes to cancel his account (and although AOL claims they don't encourage this stuff, how many nightmare stories have you heard about people cancelling AOL? Granted, few people use such a lame...
The momentum just keeps coming
Published Mon, Jun 19 2006 19:31 | William
Today, we've hit 246 overall and #2 in Computers and Internet at Amazon. We made #1 yesterday and are at #2 in Computers at Barnes and Noble. I'd like to thank Herb Sewell and Walter Bellhaven for their assistance in this matter.
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Net Neutrality - Cox and Craigslist
Published Mon, Jun 19 2006 13:03 | William
I saw one report that described this as an issue where both sides 'are off their rocker.' Increasingly, I think that's an apt description .
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Wanna bet this is a PUBLIC School?
Published Sun, Jun 18 2006 0:13 | William
I know grade competition is mean and lots of kids get their precious self esteem hurt, but this this is ridiculous . One of the posters mentions how this same crap is going on with Soccer - where every kid gets to play. Back when I was born, I don't remember...
10 Ten Things that piss you off
Published Sat, Jun 17 2006 23:55 | William
A thread started over at Sweet Feathery Jesus about Top 10 things that piss you off . Here's mine (other than the first one, there's no particular order). 1 - Public Service Announcements on XM Radio (In particular, the Hurricane survivial, everything...
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Will there by an XBOX 360 Version?
Published Sat, Jun 17 2006 15:22 | William
First off, I came across this over at Sweet Feathery Jesus but heard it first mentioned by LLoyd Bonafide and it sounded great. I know Lloyd hates video games, Genxrs and most everything else but it still looks fun. Don't accidentally blow off your head...
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Is Google's fortune about to change?
Published Sat, Jun 17 2006 5:50 | William
Well, for the longest time I was a big google fan. MSN Search is getting a lot better though and to be honest, I think some fierce competition is going to improve the search engine market the same way Linux/Windows competition improved the OS market and...
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70-536 Moving Quickly
Published Fri, Jun 16 2006 3:44 | William
Well, we've got some pretty stiff stiff competition -- Ann's book is getting all the glory but our 70-536 MCTS Guide is already kicking some butt. We moved up 1,000 points since yesterday overall on Amazon's rankings and have just broken #60 in Computers...
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Biztalk Server 2004 Unleashed
Published Fri, Jun 16 2006 2:47 | William
Biztalk - What do you call a 'difficult' application
Published Thu, Jun 15 2006 3:19 | William
I think I'm going back into one of my hypomanic phases b/c everything seems so clear and I'm learning at an amazing pace. Back to Biztalk. Ok ok. Back in the day I was pretty big into Biztalk. For a while, it seemed like it was fizzling out and since...
To use Stored Procedures or not.
Published Wed, Jun 14 2006 21:14 | William
A while ago, Frans wrote Stored Procedures are Bad, M'Kay . None other than Adam Machanic chimed in, arguing essentially the opposite . The always insightful Anatoly Lubarsky gives his take on it and well, my head is spinning. I was Mr. Stored Procedure...
I got snubbed again!
Published Wed, Jun 14 2006 2:01 | William
The old saying goes, "You don't want to be a member of any club that would have you." Well, doesn't look like I'm going to run into that problem b/c I got snubbed for Bilderberg . So far, I've gotten subbed by the Trilaterilists, the Council for Foreign...
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Foundations of Atlas - Rapid Ajax Development with ASP.NET 2.0
Published Wed, Jun 14 2006 1:47 | William
I just got a copy of Foundations of Atlas - Rapid Ajax Development with ASP.NET 2.0 by Laurence Moroney. All I can say is, It's just plain good. Actually, it's great. So far, it's the best Ajax book I've read ( Wally still hasnt' mailed me a copy of his...
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Where's the Extra Connection String Coming From?
Published Wed, Jun 14 2006 1:33 | William
One of the issues I came across when writing my new book was with ConnectionStrings. Examine the following configuration section: <connectionStrings> <add name="AdventureWorksString" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" connectionString="Data...
7 Deadly Sins of Software Development
Published Wed, Jun 14 2006 0:03 | William
Frans blogged about Jon Skeet's which was inspired by Eric's post. Since Eric is asking others to contribute, I'm throwing in my two cents. #1 Not understanding the problem that you're trying to solve Personal guilt rating: historically 7, currently 3...
Net Neutrality - Dead in the water...
Published Tue, Jun 13 2006 18:31 | William
Well, until I really understood what Net Neutrality would entail, it sounded like a good thing. Afterward it seemed like just a ton of paperwork and a pretty clear back door way for governments to regulate the net. Anyway, it it died in the House
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Shirley Phelps
Published Tue, Jun 13 2006 0:03 | William
Although I was stuck in bed for most of today, I got irritable and had to move around. Got to catch up on blogs for about an hour. One of the interesting things was Another news interview with Shirley Phelps, daughter or whatever of Certified Nut Fred...
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Pablo Castro on ADO.NET 3.0
Published Mon, Jun 12 2006 23:39 | William
I'm bummed that I couldn't make it to Tech Ed, Sahil is presenting and everyone I know is up there. Anyway, i've been reading Kent Tegels liveblog of Pablo Castro's ADO.NET 3.0 presentation report on ADO.NET 3.0 and am green with envy. Pablo is one of...
Did you know
Published Mon, Jun 12 2006 23:18 | William
Did you know... It is impossible to lick your elbow. A crocodile can't stick its tongue out. A shrimp's heart is in its head. In a study of 200,000 ostriches over a period of 80 years, no one reported a single case where an ostrich buried its head in...
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