Church of the Subgenius

Published Thu, Apr 13 2006 22:44 | William

I originally heard about The Subgenius custody dispute from Karl Levinson .  He was kind enough to include a few other links.

Honestly, if you haven't heard about this story, it's a pretty interesting read.  Typical ugly divorce hearing with a kid involved. Mom moves away and finds a new guy. Dad is pissed off about it. That's where everything typical ends. She's part of a parody religion called the Church of the Subgenius. Mom, aka Rachel Bevilacqua (who's pretty hot even when she's wearing the horsehead) was a member of this parody group while married to dad. Dad (Jeff Jary) knew about the Church of the Subgenius when they were married and had no problem with it.  Anyway, dad takes mom to court and lies about the Church of the Subgenius to the judge, telling him this is a real Church and that basically they have Satanic orgies and stuff like that. The judge refuses to hear any evidence on the mom's side and the judge even acknowledges that even if it's a joke, if the kid were to dump Mom's the name Rachel Bevilacqua in MSN Search, that what the kid would see would be disturbing. Other than realizing your mom is quite the MILF, I'm not sure what's so disturbing. Anyway, at the end of the day, the Judge orders the kid back with his dad and mom is no longer allowed to even see the kid.  I saw on an update that the judge allowed for some supervised visitation so after 25 days or something, she got to see him for a few minutes. I guess it would make sense if she was part of some 'real' satanic cult or something, but this whole thing just seems nutty.  Anyway, if you have a few minutes to kill, it's an interesting read.



# Annomous said on April 28, 2006 1:14 PM:

hi i knew both these people many years ago. i met them right after their child was born.(They were never married)Now to say that the father wasn't my favorite person is a slight understatement. I really didn't like him that much. he had a lot of problems and wasn't very likeable (my opinion). she on the other hand also had "mental" problems. so neither one is playing with a full deck. I really don't feel this is a jelousy issue on the fathers part since his girlfriend now is not ugly or anything. I have actually met her at a candle party and she didn't even know that i knew rachel or jeff. SHe has totally supported jeff with his emotional problems and helped him through many issues. she has been the best thing that has happened to him he has totally turned his life around. Now i am still not a friend of his but i do feel for his pain. His son is very small in stature and it is not beacuse his mom is small. it is not normal for a 10 year old to be the size of a 4 year old i don't care what anyone says. Yes rachel should be allowed to believe in what ever religion or whatever but she needs to remember if you are a mother than you need to watch what you do because in a situation such as this no court is going to look fondly upon the things she has been involved in. i know its not right, but with motherhood comes responsability. we all have to give up things for our children. if she wants to be involved in this sort of cult or church or whatever it is. its not a good idea to have your picture plastered all over the internet, have a little cooth,ok! i'm not a really religious person but i would not want my children to see me in pictures like that! if she wants to do that fine wait until the kid is grown. what if his peers see them imagine the harassment he would endore. i think the child is better off with his father i have heard that children with parents that are a part of this subgenius thing are taught to keep their feelings for the opposite sex suppressed. i can't say that this is for sure but i have done a little exploring on the subject and seen some really strange stuff. i don't think that the way she is raising her son is in his best interest i think it is in her best interest. i think that she is a very selfish person who needs to get her priorities straight. the father did a long time ago now it is her turn. besides who better to teach his son to be a man but his father? a mother sure can't teach him to be a man!!!!


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