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Published Mon, Jul 18 2005 20:27 | William

Well, the good folks at Addison-Wesley and APress were kind enough to send me a few books.  Two of them are nothing short of phenomenal.  I've been reading up a storm lately, but I've almost become obsessed with two of them:

1 - Effective C#: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your C# (Effective Software Development)  .  I don't think I could say enough good things about this book but it's superlative in every respect.  I'm a .NET nut, been coding in it since the alpha bits and pretty much lived and breathed it for a few years now.  Well, this book splashed a lot of cold water in my face. Some of the items I knew already but for the most part, most of the stuff in here is DEFINITELY Not stuff you are aware of.  I won't spoil it for you, but there's a discussion on preferring DataSets to business objects.  We've heard many discussion on it and they have had some great points, but Wagner pretty much ended discussion on it as far as I'm concerned.  There's another section on Reference vs. Value types.  The reminder that there's no such thing as a Read-Only property that's a reference type was well, cool.  Yes, it's obvious why but it's something that I've often overlooked.    So if you're interested in writing more performant and reliable C# code, this book WILL Help you.

2- Expert .NET Delivery Using NAnt and CruiseControl.NET - OK, I've missed the boat on Delivery. I've played around with NAnt a little, but this book just takes it up a few notches.  It covers NAnt so thoroughly it's amazing. For instance, it walks you through creating a project, running unit tests, building NDoc comments, FXCop, and using CruiseControl .NET.  I'll keep it brief here b/c I'm planning on writing a full writeup on it with eXtreme .NET : Introducing eXtreme Programming Techniques to .NET Developers (Microsoft.Net Development) two books that are must reads.

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