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College Debate...
Published Mon, Feb 28 2005 23:02 | William
A little while ago, I was at my favorite local restaurant minding my own business reading the Updated version of Ingo's Killer remoting book . I eat there regularly and use it as a time to catch up on my reading - then I usually go home and try out a...
Remote control for Smartphone
Published Mon, Feb 28 2005 22:39 | William
Just saw this Smartphone Remote Control on MS Mobiles - damn it's cool
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Code Camp
Published Mon, Feb 28 2005 13:42 | William
I'll be speaking at two different code camps in the near future - the one in Atlanta and the one in Charlotte. Code camp is really cool even though they let people like me talk there - they have to allow the token dork make a speech. If you aren't familiar...
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Why I love T-Mobile
Published Mon, Feb 28 2005 11:43 | William
Well, other than the fact I got pics of Paris and some chick because of http://www.t-mobile.com , I really love T-Mobile. When I first moved to Greenville, there were a few spots that weren't covered but overall coverage was great. Then, within two months...
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IConfigurationSectionHandler, MasterPages and more...
Published Sat, Feb 26 2005 1:08 | William
An excellent post from start to finish.
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DataReader vs. DataAdapter
Published Sat, Feb 26 2005 0:53 | William
I'm totally stoked to see Bill Vaughn blogging because he's 1) Irish 2) named William 3) He's a bad a33. I saw Sahil and Rocky chimed in on this issue - and it's one that I feel like running my big trap about too. In the debate between which to use, there...
Published Fri, Feb 25 2005 14:36 | William
Considering that lately I'm falling flat on my face in the 'Things I want to do' vs 'Things I actually find time to do' category, the issue of HoneyPots really got my interest up. Just saw Apress is putting out a new book on HoneyPots by Roger Grimes...
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Another Meme via Scott R.
Published Thu, Feb 24 2005 12:22 | William
Cattell's 16 Factor Test Results Warmth ||||||||||||||| 50% Intellect |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 90% Emotional Stability ||||||||| 26% Aggressiveness ||||||||||||||||||||| 70% Liveliness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 90% Dutifulness ||||||||||||||||...
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Installing the December CTP Release of Visual Studio Team System
Published Wed, Feb 23 2005 20:11 | William
hot off of the press!
"Rate this comment"
Published Wed, Feb 23 2005 16:56 | William
Check out the new feature on Aaron's blog.
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My PocketPC Phone Edition is nice and safe.
Published Wed, Feb 23 2005 16:52 | William
I know, I already posted a link about this but d4mn this would suck . Just walking by the display w/ your Bluetooth on can get you infected? Yuck!
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High School Meme
Published Mon, Feb 21 2005 21:24 | William
Got this latest meme from Andy and Scott : What year was it? 1985-1989 What were your three favorite bands (performers)? Rem, The Church, Depeche Mode, 10,000 Maniacs, Pink Floyd can't remember if Nine inch nails was senior high school year or freshman...
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The most Disturbing I've seen since the "Gimp" scene in Pulp Fiction.
Published Mon, Feb 21 2005 20:33 | William
Ok, assume Pulp Fiction was real life. Who would you rather be, this poor SOB or Marsallus Wallace? Just like the Bobbit case, I'm wondering how far down the chopping went... but I better stop here because the next stream of consciousness is just too...
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Google SMS
Published Mon, Feb 21 2005 20:28 | William
http://www.google.com/sms/ is just what I needed to start playing with. Now when I'm SMSing and driving - I can also get responses back on things like directions to where I'm going. This will provide the perfect excuse for SMS and Driving
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Adventures with my iMATE
Published Mon, Feb 21 2005 20:19 | William
About a week ago, I started playing with Magneto and built my first RSS Reader based on it. BFD. Well the whole thing got me in a Mobile kind of mindset, which is cool because I need to be in that mindset more often. So I decided that I have way too much...
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It doesn't infect Pocket PC!
Published Mon, Feb 21 2005 17:04 | William
Well, I'm not sure if this is really the 'first' mobile virus but suffice to say they aren't common.
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Someone please tell me where I could get one of these!!!!!!!
Published Mon, Feb 21 2005 12:21 | William
Since it's illegal and all - I would NEVER actually purchase one, but if anyone knows where I can get one of these cell phone jammers , please let me know. This is purely for informative purposes of course since there's some stupid law against selling...
Technological Paradoxes of Phishing Scams
Published Mon, Feb 21 2005 11:44 | William
Irrespective of how much I hate the SOB's, I have to give it to the people that create the Phishing Scams and many of the spammers - at least in terms of technology. They definitely come up with some pretty clever mechanisms for pulling off their BS....
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Stuff I learned this weekend...
Published Sun, Feb 20 2005 19:58 | William
--It gets technical - I promise Last night, Kim and I rented Open Water . I actually wanted to see it when it was out in the theatre but didn't get the opportunity. Scuba divers that I've met with very few exceptions tend to be amongst the most annoying...
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What's the best music for coding?
Published Fri, Feb 18 2005 5:41 | William
Different strokes for different folks - I know. But for me, I usually download the last nights Phil Hendrie Show which is a 3 hour show but usually comes to about 1 hour and 45 minutes b/c commercials are edited out. That usually causes me to start busting...
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