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Published Fri, Dec 31 2004 18:27 | William
I remember a while ago I was reading a book (can't remember which one) where the guy was making the case that you should take action on things immediately once you've decided that you are going to undertake them. Since that's an awkward statement, his...
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Brainy and Beautiful Nominee
Published Fri, Dec 31 2004 14:03 | William
Andy started the beautiful and brainy thread and I'm going to add mine... Beth Massi -- her personal page is here . Just check out her resume - it's off the chain and if you read her blog - well, anyone that blogs about obscure remoting errors and the...
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Intelligent Blog Spam
Published Thu, Dec 30 2004 19:52 | William
Just saw Sahil's from Sahil. Well, I've uncovered something really interesting. It seems that the Spammers are using other posts, for instance on ADO.NET 2.0 - posting stuff that's related enough that it doesn't set off the stink detector - but posting...
Newsgroup Cowboys
Published Thu, Dec 30 2004 18:32 | William
Originally, I was going to title this Newsgroup a-holes. But I decided to sound a little more European and opt for Cowboy instead. What is a Newsgroup Cowboy you ask? Well, it's someone who runs their mouth first, and then thinks about it later. Here...
Rant - Option Strict Off
Published Wed, Dec 29 2004 23:57 | William
Today someone posted an innocent enough question in the VB.NET Newsgroup. He was new to VB.NET and had turned on Option Strict - he immediately got over 500 errors. He asked specifically why he should Option Strict. I don't think any readers here don...
Rant - I'm such a Rebel
Published Tue, Dec 28 2004 21:39 | William
I got this in an email today (not from the same dude as before - but it's just as obnoxious). This message (including any attachments) contains confidential information intended for a specific individual and purpose, and is protected by law. You are hereby...
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Caught Up on some reading this weekend
Published Tue, Dec 28 2004 0:47 | William
Got the chance to read through two new books although it looks like I got a few more on my list that look pretty good. Office 2003 Programming - Real World Applications - Ty Anderson ( APress ): Normally, I run from books with these sorts of titles. There...
What's new in the 2.0 Compact Framework?
Published Mon, Dec 27 2004 12:43 | William
Thanks to Peter Foot for this excellent list of new features
Pitt Bull or Poodle
Published Sat, Dec 25 2004 12:40 | William
Well, I'm not really a big fan of Doug Giles , but any article that starts out with a quote like this: “It is a funny thing about life—if you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it.” W. Somerset Maugham is usually...
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If anyone knows where I can get some of these...
Published Thu, Dec 23 2004 2:11 | William
Fart Bombs are cool. I remember the ones that used to come in a little glass vial that looked like a perfume sample but smelled pretty much like a33. I would really like to get a few of these things - but it appears the U.S. isn't the only country with...
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Why isn't Microsoft doing this?
Published Thu, Dec 23 2004 0:04 | William
One of the few things I've always excelled at in life is blowing money on frivolous things. Here's the Roku Soundbridge that crushed my will-power. Roku is a company that I never heard of prior to last week and having a wireless media player wasn't something...
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Seems someone disagrees on the Teef Caps
Published Wed, Dec 22 2004 0:55 | William
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Extending .NET Remoting
Published Tue, Dec 21 2004 23:58 | William
If you use .NET Remoting then you no doubt know the name Ingo Rammer . Ingo's book is to Remoting what David Sceppa's book is to ADO.NET. I was fortunate enough to receive a few advance chapters of the Second Edition and I'm totally impressed. Apress...
This thing is friggin cool
Published Tue, Dec 21 2004 22:59 | William
I hadn't even heard of Roku Labs before today - but but this stuff is DAMNED cool
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Three Things
Published Tue, Dec 21 2004 22:50 | William
Scott just posted this so I'll give it a crank Three Things Because I’m sleepy, just got back from lunch, and waiting to go to the bathroom because our network engineer has just befouled it… Three names you go by: Bill B.C. William Three screennames...
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Edward G. Nilges started Blogging
Published Mon, Dec 20 2004 10:45 | William
Andy just tipped me off to this - is finally blogging. Edward will no doubt have some really interesting stuff to talk about!
Why anyone argues with Frans is beyond me - he's just about always right.
Published Thu, Dec 16 2004 23:37 | William
I'm a little late on this one . But gotta side with Frans on this one.
Andres on Remoting Datasets...
Published Thu, Dec 16 2004 12:40 | William
Andres Aguiar , the superbrain behind Deklarit responds to Rory's comments on Stuart's post . <<As I cannot comment in Stuart's blog, I'll do it here ;) a) He's right about that if you are not going to update data, then it's probably not a good...
Advanced Memory Management on the Compact Framework
Published Wed, Dec 15 2004 20:33 | William
Mike Zintel did a phenomenal job one this article
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Keyhole is too cool for words...
Published Wed, Dec 15 2004 17:37 | William
If you haven't tried Keyhole - download it and give it a try. One year is only $29.95 but you can get a 7 day free trial.
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