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Enterprise Development with Visual Studio .NET, UML, and MSF
Published Tue, Sep 14 2004 22:18 | William
I've had my nose in one or another book all day today. I actually really tried to focus but I came across some real gems and each had a LOT of relevance to stuff I'm doing at work and stuff I want to do a lot better. I listed most...
A cool little piece on ADO.NET 2.0
Published Tue, Sep 14 2004 14:22 | William
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This man is a genius!
Published Tue, Sep 14 2004 8:08 | William
I've been a big Thomas Sowell fan since my first graduate level Econ class. I had this professor that was the most bizarre beast I had ever seen - he was a Christian Fundamentalist SOCIALIST! I don't even know how such a thing can exist but he did. So...
A Few New Books
Published Mon, Sep 13 2004 22:32 | William
Just finally got all moved in and unpacked. If anyone out there has a electron transporter in the works out there, please subscribe me to your mailing list so I can buy one before I ever move again. Anyway, had a pretty eventful day. First I got my smart...
So the first Mobile Virus is out there
Published Sun, Sep 5 2004 19:58 | William
Well, I guess there's not enough fun in hitting regular computers so some disgruntled a55hole decided it was time to start spreading viruses targeting Win CE. This is a bummer for many reasons but for some reason, I just don't think Pocket PC viruses...
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Source Control Issues from Scott
Published Wed, Sep 1 2004 18:45 | William
I'm probably one of the only people in the world that's never had a problem with VSS corrupting from what everyone tells me. But Scott has some pretty interesting observations Here
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