MDC 2004 Pre Conference

Published Wed, Mar 24 2004 7:37 | William

I'm totally ruined at this point.  I came in yesterday, checked in, went to the MVP lounge were they basically laid out what was going to happen at the conference.  It was cool but only took about an hour and a half.  Then I went back to my room at the W.  I'd like to thank Microsoft for totally ruining life for that.  Every time I've been to a W, I realized how terrible life outside of it is.  And this was no different except that it's worse.  Nothing Hotel should allowed to be that Cool and that comfortable simultaneously.  As soon as I woke up this morning , I realized that I probably won't be able to sleep any more whenever I get home.  I also no longer like light.  I simply can't fathom staying at another hotel chain, Ever.

Back in reality though,MS provided us with a Mobile MVP get together.  It was in a place called Maxfield's inside the Palace Hotel.  I got to finally meet Casey Chestnut who's even cooler than I imagined.  I finally got to meet Dan Fergus, Andy Wigley and Jon Box and hopefully I can get copies of their books autographed later today.  And then I got to meet Mark Spain, the marketing Guru behind the whole MS Mobility movement. I was really mad because he had a new Orange SPV e200 and already knew how to use it effectively.  Mine should be arriving any day now, but I was green with envy.  It's just not fair that he gets to have such a cool job, be so good at it, and have an SPV before I get one.  Anyway, the food at Maxwell's made me forget all about the phone.  If I lived here, I'd definitely put on another 200-300 lbs.

And why is it that Augusta, GA just hasn't gotten the concept of 7-11.  Sure, we have Circle K, but they are totally lame compared to 7-11 and , like God himself was speaking to me, they introduced this thing called a Double Gulp which is 64 ounces of pure caffeinated pleasure.  And, they have “Flavor Shots”, these little things you can squirt in with the soda.  I mixed the Cherry and Vanilla with my Diet Coke and it was too good for words.  Plus, 7-11 stays open 24/7 and they have their always famous Nachos!  Nothing like Jalepeno Nachos at 6:00am with a Diet Coke and some ephedrine to start the day off right.

I'm scheduled to host the MVP lounge today (and tomorrow) from 3:15-4:15 and working on the SQL Server CE lab.  If you're around, please stop by (and feel free to run around the corner and bring me a Double Gulp).  I'll be posting every two or three hours after the important stuff happens, that way I can keep things updated and don't have to worry about mentioning anything NDA.  If you have any questions though, or want me to look into anything, just drop me a line.




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