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My Velocity Micro x64 & Vista MCE & CableCARDs=Happy Together
Some of you may remember that back in December 2006, Microsoft and AMD shipped me a Velocity Micro Cinemagix Pro Cinema Entertainment System . This AMD Athlon X2 system with an ATI x1950 dual DVI card, 2 gigs RAM and huge hard drive was a wonder. Microsoft...
Velocity Micro PC DCT/CableCARD Ready Arriving Tomorrow
My refitted screamer arrives back home tomorrow. I'm ready!
Awaiting Return of Velocity Micro PC with DCT(CableCARD) Upgrade
Last week I shipped my screamer VM box back to the company for the upgrade needed to enable cable card support (and to get a few things fixed - busted USB port and screw down the hard drive cage). I am so missing this computer but when it comes back,...