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Publishing Requirements from Word to TFS (via WordToTFS)

This post is part of a blog series:


  1. Download and install the freeware tool AIT WordToTFS from here (registration required).

    WordToTFS - ClickOnce installation 

  2. Start Microsoft Word (winword.exe). You should see a new "WordToTFS" ribbon.

    WordToTFS - Ribbon

  3. Choose the layout template you want to use (the names correspond to TFS process templates, but it's possible to furhter customize those layout templates).

    WordToTFS - Choosing the layout template

  4. Once, you are ready to publish, click 'Connect' on the 'WordToTFS' ribbon and choose a team project to connect to.

    WordToTFS - Connect to TFS

  5. Start by creating an outline, headlines, introduction text as you would normally do when creating a requirements document in MS Word.

  6. Once you are ready to add a requirement, choose "Empty Product Backlog Item" (in the case of the "Visual Scrum Scrum" template; the name differs for other process template, e.g. "Requirement" in MSF/CMMI or "User Story" for MSF/Agile).

    WordToTFS - Creating a new requirement in the word document

  7. This will insert a table with the typical fields to describe a requirement. Replace 'Title' and 'Description' with appropriate values (you can edit those defaults by clicking "Edit Default Values" on the ribbon).

    WordToTFS - Requirement according to the selected layout template

  8. Repeat Steps 5 to 7 for additional requirements.

  9. Once you're happy with your requirement(s), click 'Publish' in the 'WordToTFS' ribbon.

    WordToTFS - Publish 

    WordToTFS - Saving work items in TFS

    WordToTFS - Publishing results
  10. The work item is now created in TFS.
    After publishing the requirement table looks smilar to this:

    WordToTFS - Default work item layout in MS Word 


  • Keep in sync: After initially publishing your work items you can either change those in MS Word and re-publish those changes, or change the work items with a different TFS client and click 'Refresh' on the 'WordToTFS' ribbon to import those changes into your MS Word document.

    WordToTFS - Keeping your document in sync using Refresh 

  • Images: You can insert images in the description field (if the process template is using an HTML-based field) and those will be updated as attachments:

  • Test Cases with Test steps: You can enter a numbered list of steps for a Test Case, which will be translated to test steps (as they are required by Microsoft Test Manager):



Disclaimer: This MS Word integration is not part of Visual Studio or Team Foundation Server. The plug-in was developed by a Microsoft Partner (AIT) and not by Microsoft itself.


TFS & Visual Studio ALM - by Neno Loje said:

This post is part of a blog series: Part I : Exporting TFS Work Items to Microsoft Word (via WordToTFS

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