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Last week I've been at IT-Forum, and besides other stuff I made some marketing about The Working Network. It's a very interesting Project - basically we are trying to establish a network of trust about certain Microsoft Technologies, e.g. Blogs which cover Vista, Blogs which cover Windows Server, and so on, and try to create a single point where you can get OPML-Files (a "collection" of RSS-Feeds) about the technology. The same applies to Websites. Using tagging technologies such as enables you to "mark" (aka "tag") valuable Sites and mark them as valuable source for certain technologies. You and other users can profit from the collection of Sites marked by others.
So basically those technologies could be referred to as providing a meta-community or collection of valuable sources.
I'm working on a way how to provide quick feedback for sites you find valuable - especially blogs - about Windows Server in general and Directory Services specifically. However IT-Forum and other stuff have prevented me from putting the amount of work into the project which it deserves. So until I can provide a more elegant way let me know if you have any interesting blogs or sites you prefer for those technologies by using the Contact Form on my WebLog.
Blogs which are valuable for either the "Windows Server" or "Directory Services" technologies (or any other technologies which are in scope of the project) will make it into the OPML-o-Matter application where you are able to select your technologies of interest together and receive a OPML-File you can import into your favorite RSS-Reader.
I'll publish a collection about Blogs and Sites as well as soon as I've got some together.
Look at The Working Network for more information, e.g. look at the Channel 9 Video and the links in the getting started section to the left of the site.

Published Mon, Nov 21 2005 10:43 by Ulf B. Simon-Weidner