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PowerPoint Heaven Year 2008 Updates
Wed, Jan 2 2008 0:54
First updates for Year 2008! Added 3 new PowerPoint Showcases from the members of PowerPoint Expert Club: AutoShapes Art: Inspiration , by pso2850. AutoShapes Art: Inspiration is an inspiring piece of artwork done using PowerPoint AutoShapes and well synchronized with the beat of the music. Text Animations: Marry Me - KDC , by KDC. Featuring advanced text animations... Read More...
PowerPoint music rhythm game
Wed, Sep 26 2007 22:59
New updates on PowerPoint Heaven. Added new PowerPoint Game, Music ver. C, by KDC (kdc1130) from Korea's PowerPoint Expert Club. Music ver. C is a PowerPoint music rhythm game. The objective is to test the player's ability to follow a musical beat and stay with the rhythm of Pachelbel's Canon. Link: PowerPoint Game, Music ver. C Watch the Preview... Read More...