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Workflow 4 and Visual Basic expressions Survey
The topic of Visual Basic expression in Windows Workflow Foundation 4 seems to be a bit of an item for some people as you can see in the comments to my blog posts about it here . Now personally I don’t think it is such a big deal as it only concerns the...

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Workflow 4 and Visual Basic expressions
Note: This blog post is written using the .NET framework 4.0 Beta 2 When using Windows Workflow Foundation 4 you often need to enter expression in some activity property. The new thing is these expressions are all in the Visual Basic dialect regardless...

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Passing data into a Windows Workflow Foundation 4 workflow
Passing parameters into a workflow is similar in WF4 as it was in WF3. In both case a Dictionary<string, object> is passed in when creating the workflow instance object. Alternatively when using the WF4 WorkflowInvoker you can pass it into the Invoke...

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Looking back at the MVP Summit
Last week lots of MVP, myself included, where in Redmond visiting Microsoft on our yearly MVP pilgrimage. The MVP Summit is always a great event. Not only do we get to talk to the MS team members who actually design and build all the software we love...

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