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Combined DevelopMentor instructors blog feed.
Michael Kennedy , one of the co instructors from DevelopMentor , has created a combined feed from all the blogs of the various DevelopMentor. An awesome group of people with a lot of knowledge to share. Highly recommended in you RSS reader. http://feeds...

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Looking back at the MVP Summit
Last week lots of MVP, myself included, where in Redmond visiting Microsoft on our yearly MVP pilgrimage. The MVP Summit is always a great event. Not only do we get to talk to the MS team members who actually design and build all the software we love...

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Updated SQL Server Compact Workflow Persistence Service
Yesterday I uploaded a new version of the SQL Server Compact Workflow Persistence Service to No major changes this time just two new features to get it more in line with the standard SqlWorkflowPersistenceService. I added a GetAllWorkflows...

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PDC session download
Want to download and watch all PDC content? Then there are a couple of ways to get at them. The official way if to go through the session agenda at the conference site. See . You see all sessions...

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Red Gate to continue development of .NET Reflector
.NET Reflector, by Lutz Roeder, must be one of the most useful tools I have when developing .NET code. Usually it is the first thing I install right after Visual Studio not even waiting until I need it because I know I will. So the big news is that Red...

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Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 available
It is available from the subscriptions download at Get it while it is hot Enjoy!

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SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP1 released
Steve Lasker just announced that SQL Server Compact 3.5 service pack 1 is released, read his announcement here . They added support for the entity framework, great stuff. And another neat feature is native 64 bits support. No longer do you need to target...

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CodeCamp 2008
Afgelopen jaar hebben we het eerste CodeCamp in Nederland georganiseerd en dat was een groot succes. De meeste deelnemers vroegen om meer, sommige zelfs om een CodeCamp per kwartaal of een heel weekend lang. Nou hebben we dat laatste nog niet gedaan maar...

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How to Download all of Visual Studio 2008 SP1
VS2008 SP1 Beta is quite a package. By default the installation downloads the packages as needed and when needed. Now that is just fine if you only need to install a single machine. But when you need to install multiple, possibly virtual, machines like...

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LINQ to SQL and creating databases
LINQ to SQL has a really nice feature when making sample and demos in the ability to create the database if it doesn't exist yet. It also has a function called DatabaseExists() to check if a database exists. Both are defined on the DataContext class...

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On the WF ReceiveActivity and WCF bindings
The new ReceiveActivity and SendActivity that marry Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) are really cool . Getting started is easy because a new Sequential Workflow Service Library, found under WCF instead of Workflow...

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Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Training Kit
Looking for more information about VS2008 and .NET 3.5? I suspect you might just be as there is a ton of new functionality and with the pace of everything coming out it isn't likely that you know it all To help learn the new stuff Microsoft has put...

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SQL Server 2005 SP3
If you are expecting a link to the download I am sorry but you are going to be disappointed Why? Because it just isn't available yet! I can already hear you saying "But it must be coming any day now, right?" Wrong Yes, I just heard from...

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