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September 2007 - Posts

Small Business Server Best Practices Analyzer

Here is something that is really great news for Small Business Server installers / administrators.

Over the coming weeks you are going to see a release of a Small Business Server Best Practices Analyzer.   It will be much the same as the ones you have probably used already for Exchange and ISA.

Keep an eye out on the Small Business Server website!



I am sure that those that are already interested know this but just in case….

Be sure to keep an eye on Monday / Tuesday on Phil Taylors blog for new information on Flight Simulator X SP2 (DX10).


He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy...

...for not letting me know....   or maybe I should have been subscribed to his blog before ;) 

Brian Gefrich, the newest Games for Windows MVP, seemed to avoid my radar...   but I have added him to the list now.   Accept my appologies Brian!

Train Simulator / Team update from Mike Gilbert
For those interested in what is going on with the ACES team at Microsoft, Mike Gilbert has given us a nice update on his blog.

Also, thanks to my fellow FS MVP Owen for the link to the newest ACES Blogger!
Got Games? Got Vista?
Then you have got to get this patch.   Plain and simple.
Sage 50 2008 Report Designer - Upgrade Issues

Sage50LogoSage recently released Sage 50 2008 (14).   So far I can report that this is not the same nightmare that was Sage 2007 – (Unlucky 13).  In fact, it seems that Sage have turned a new page and are finally testing their product before shipping it.   Long may that trend continue.

The only issue I have found so far is with some of my Sage 12 email reports not correctly converting up to version 2008.    However, there are solutions to the two issues I had, detailed here:

Double “+” Bug

You can set up a Sage report in version 12 so that it displays fields of your choice on the subject line, or in fact anywhere in the email.  

For instance, this code:


would display the following on the subject line of the email:

NTES Limited – Sales Invoice – 10000

However, if you upgrade this report to version 2008, you will see an error like this:

Report Designer was unable to generate the report:



Report Designer was unable to generate the report:  ‘+’ is not defined for objects of type System.String and System.Int32
This is caused because of a bug in Report designer for Sage 50 2008.   Basically, it does not like the double use of the “+” sign.   There is however a workaround to this issue.   Change the code to use the CString command for the second field you wish to show like this:

+ "- Sales Invoice -" + CString(INVOICE.INVOICE_NUMBER)

Then, all should work fine for you.

Carriage Return

The second “hidden feature” is that, for some strange reason, the carriage return does not work when you are typing in the “with the following note” field to add text to your email that you are sending.   This is annoying to say the least, especially when you are creating a set of instructions / signatures with your invoice / report you send out.

The answer is easy, use the undocumented feature of CTRL+RETURN


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HALO 3 Launch Party in Dublin Tomorrow

Halo3cutout1This is a party that I am unable to attend, which is a shame.  

But if you want a chance of going, make sure to email Clare Dillon to get in the draw.   Read more on her blog here….

Ooooooh, I can’t wait to receive my copy of this game!

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MediaLinX IR Codes for SKY+ and SKY HD

Over the past few days I have had a bit of a nightmare trying to get the SKY remote control correctly sending signals via my test DigiLinX / Panorama system.   I have almost ironed everything out, but more on that later….

During the process of doing this, I found myself wishing that I did not have to teach the MediaLinX the IR codes for my SKY unit manually.  So, for others doing the same, here are the IR Codes for SKY ready to be imported to your MediaLinX unit.

On a side note, I have been having some issues with the latest IR firmware (1.06.07 from memory) “loosing” its saved commands on the MediaLinX.   So I would, as of writing this, recommend that you load the 1.06.04 IR Firmware to your MediaLinX if you are seeing this issue.

WiredRight Blog - Josh Kewley
I have been meaning to point out Josh’s blog for a while now, but the fact he just replied to me on a Netstreams forum reminded me!   Sorry Josh!

On his blog you will find some interesting information as well as some cool tools / code examples for Netstreams DigiLinX integration.
Unable to Assign Static IP Address option greyed out

Quick one that came up today.  Looking on the web for the search term above only found mention that the RRAS server may not have been set to use a static pool of addresses and that is why, in AD Users and computers on the dial in tab, this was grayed out as an option.

The thing was, I was using a static pool.

The answer is, in my case, that this was a Windows 2000 Small Business Server that was still running in Mixed mode.   Changing the domain to Native mode allowed me to enter the static IP for a RRAS Dial in client.

The second part of the problem was more confusing.   On adding an IP to the accounts dial in properties, and clicking apply, I get the error “member profile changes were not saved because member not found” message.   Very odd…   Ahh, a reboot fixed that….


GFI Webmonitor 3 - Adult site plugins

Today we had an issue where GFI Webmonitor 3 was giving errors when checking sites with the Yahoo JS Plugin – SiteJudge.js

The URL History was showing the following error:





It turns out that even though I was running the latest build of GFI Webmonitor 3 – version 20061218 3.1.427GFI have since released an updated JS file that you replace in the GFI installation directory.   You simple stop the WebMonitor service and then download and replace this file, then start up the service again.

However…   then I started to get a new error saying that Yahoo’s servers were too busy.   So I started browsing the FTP site for other files and found that you can also use Google Images Plugin or the Microsoft Search Plugin.  

From my own tests, the Google Images Plugin seems to work the best.

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Tuning a SBS 2003 Server

Susan Bradley has touched on this subject before over various posts on her blog, but I wanted to give a summary of how, on our recent “up to date” installations, we are tuning memory on our SBS Servers.

Our servers are normally around the following specification and configuration:

Dual Xeon or Single Quad Core processors
4GB of RAM
RAID 1 or RAID 5 configuration
Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2
Windows 2003 SP2, and all hotfixes.
Windows Server Update Services 3
Sharepoint Services 3
All hotifixes and patches installed.
Normally Running GFI MailEssentials and MailSecurity

This means that we have the following databases running:

Windows Internal Database (Sharepoint 3 / WSUS 3)
Sharepoint (2)
MSFW (on ISA Premium installs only)

Basically, all you need to do is run the commands listed on Susan’s post here on each database and tune as required.   What has worked for me is to set the following limits on the above specification.

Windows Internal Database – 256MB RAM
Sharepoint 2 Database – 75MB RAM
SBS Monitoring Database – 50MB RAM
MSFW Database – 75MB RAM

Doing this, on your average 30 user site has had no ill effect.   You may also notice that I have GFI running on these servers in normal circumstances.   I normally setup a separate instance for the GFI stuff, and limit that database to 100MB.

Hopefully this will help some of you out there that happen to be running the same kind of specification installs for your clients.

Funny the things you find out about people - KIDIC
So there I am, chatting with one of our suppliers whom provide all our web development.   We finish off all the boring accounts talk and somehow end up chatting about music.   Colin tells me about his band KIDIC which he plays in.   I thought he was talking about some crappy band, but then he pointed me to the webpage.

All I can say is wow!  This is right up my street…    I would think it is probably to others taste as well, so give it a listen, watch the video, and visit the myspace site!

And don’t forget to purchase the single on iTunes!
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New Irish Small Business Specialist Community Blog

Even though I keep trying and failing to attend all the new Small Business Specialist events that are kicking off in Ireland at the moment, I can report that Sinead O’Grada has just started the Irish SBSC Program Blog.

Keep an eye on that one…..   I have no doubt that Sinead is about to make thing finally happen here in Ireland!

I will have a word in Microsoft Ireland’s ear and see if I can fit in some Small Business Server technical / information presentations for the Irish SBSC community.

VMWare Perflib Errors - Event 1023 - SBS

A quickie….Logo

If you have installed VMWare on your server and are receiving thousands of 1023 Errors then the workaround is to simply rename the registry key




Doing this will simply stop the event appearing, but will not actually fix the problem.   It seems that a lot of people have had this issue, but VMWare don’t support SBS….   maybe they think it is different…  or perhaps Evil…   either way, the above will workaround the problem for the moment. RSS Feeds

Someone asked me where they were the other day, and I forgot to post the links here.   In fairness, if you do not have an up to date browser they are not linked anywhere on the site (in one location) and I have asked for that to be changed if possible.   At the moment, the Missions and Multiplayer feed is not working but will be fixed soon.

Developers Corner

Free Flight

From the Team


Performance and Support

Missions and Multiplayer

I am still waiting for the FS RSS feeds to work, the technology is there…. but it is not being used

Yes, I am looking...

Today I called an Irish distributor to be told that the Entourage 2004 Media is not available any more.   I Office_boxshoteven quoted the part number on Susan's blog, but nothing….

So, I called Microsoft themselves and they are telling me they are not finding anything either.   Bleedin’ marvelous!

I even pointed the Microsoft to the FAQ which clearly states the code for the media.  The MS rep was very confused and keeps saying it is not available.  They are coming back later and I shall update you all with what is said!

This stuff should be easier.

EDIT: In a quite ridiculous scenario, the only way to get this media is by calling (in Ireland) 1800 554984 to get to the “disk replacement” service, where you give your product key and pay €25 to have it shipped to you.   Just think how much easier it would be if the disk was in the box with the OEM and Retail version.


Update released for SBS2003 R2 and WSUS Integration
This is a good one to have if you are still running SBS 2003 R2 with WSUS 2.x.    Personally, I am upgrading all sites to WSUS 3.x

Read more here
That didn't take long.... free iPhone unlock

Mirrored from Erik (thanks):

“I find this somewhat funny, and interesting. I never understood Apple's decision
to lock their phones (could be used only with AT&T)-it was obvious that a hack will
surface as soon as you can say iPhone. So it did.

Oddly enough, people thought that they will be able to lock the hack and gain profit
from it. It's a hack for a product that was talked about by the whole world(more or less),
for how long did you think it will remain secret???

Hope they gained enough profit in the two days they sold it to cover their expenses...

Anyway, a free one has been released:

The game tonight.....

I am reavaluating things after watching that performance from the Irish rugby team.   Never have I been so dissapointed in a performance.   Mind you, I had to remove the remote control's from the hands of my wife Rachel because if I had not I would not be without a LCD screen.  

How can such a group of great individual players have been so bad tonight?    Agh....


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