WinInstall LE, MSI Creator and Configuration Builder

This article explains the advantages of tool WinInstall LE (a tool from Veritas software, which ships with Windows Server CD) and how to use this tool to convert EXE applications to MSI packages.

About Active Directory and Group Policy

You have, no doubt, heard about Active Directory. Active Directory is Microsoft's answer to Novell Directory Service. Active Directory is a big repository of objects. It contains objects such as users, groups, shared printer information and network objects. Active Directory was first introduced in Windows 2000.

There is a tool or snap-in called Group Policy. Group Policy is meant for administrators who want to have a better control over systems running in network. Group Policy is used to control the behaviour of desktop computers and member servers from a central location. There are couple of settings you can deploy using Group Policy on remote computers. Group Policy comes with pre-defined administrative templates. Administrative Templates are the configuration unit as shown in Figure 1. You use them to control the behaviour of a specific setting, such as Start Menu and Taskbar, Internet Explorer Options settings, Registry Keys, Services and so on.

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Great information thanks for sharing this with us.In fact in all posts of this blog their is something to learn ....

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 10:56 PM by

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WinINSTALL LE is still availablle for FREE from Scalable Software.

Saturday, September 26, 2009 11:31 AM by Paul Pieske

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