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You need more than one Group Policy Objects and few settings are similar and few are not but the amount of configuration is time consuming. You can avail this by copying the Group Policy settings from SYSVOL folder to destination GPO.

You will see policy contents of GPO created in SYSVOL folder in Policies sub-folder and then copy them to the newly created GPO.

This is how you do it:

A. First note down the GUID of Old GPO you want to copy:

1. Open ADUC
2. Right click on OU > Property
3. Switch to Group Policy tab
4. Click GPO > Property > note down the GUID of this GPO.

B. Next create the new GPO and find out the GUID in the same manner.

C. Follow the steps outlined below to copy contents of old GPO to new GPO you created in step B.

1. Finally goto SYSVOL\\policies\GUID of old GPO
2. Copy the contents of this GPO.
3. Next goto SYSVOL\\policies\GUID of new GPO
4. Paste the contents here or overwrite.

D. Finally make whatever changes you want to make to the copied policy.

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