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Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 and KB2524478
Published Tue, Apr 17 2012 10:47 | steveb
There is now a version 2 of the hotfix that was originally available under Microsoft KB 2524478 (The network location profile changes from "Domain" to "Public" in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2). If you had installed the first...
September 17, 2011 SMB MVP Community Roadshow
Published Sat, Aug 20 2011 14:51 | steveb
Join us at Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters for the “home-field” event of the SMB MVP Worldwide Roadshow. This is one you will not want to miss! We’ve joined forces with our friends to the south in Portland, The Technology Wizards...
Terminal Server Access through RWW in EBS & SBS
Published Mon, Aug 17 2009 12:06 | steveb
Have had a few questions about Terminal Server through EBS and SBS RWW, so thought I would post a link over to the Microsoft KB on it and include the resolutions from the KB below. While not directly supported by design, here are the workarounds for both...
Run update from console session! - MS07-049: Vulnerability in Virtual PC and Virtual Server that could allow privilege elevation
Published Mon, Aug 20 2007 11:06 | steveb
If you prefer to run Microsoft Updates from a TS session, then make sure you run MS07-049 from a console session per the KB 937986 ( ). Taken from the KB: When the update 937986 is applied on a remote machine by...
Lost TS/RDP after running updates?
Published Mon, Jul 30 2007 1:40 | steveb
After experiencing Terminal Services intermittently hanging after applying Microsoft Updates I've come across one way that gets the server back up and responsive most of the time and a backup plan for when it still doesn't. First, to cover yourself...


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