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ALERT: Please treat content from with extreme caution

Nokia Theatre L.A. Live ( is serving exploits via Historical badness at (btw, is still serving exploits – stay away from there too):

ALERT: Please treat the domain and with extreme caution

I received this email a short while ago: “ We have been getting a lot of ads accessing scripts from this domain So far there is no malware redirect or download but this domain looks suspicious having been created less than a week...

Interesting comment – Best Western malvertizing

The comment was posted here .  I quote: “ My company was approached by a client claiming to represent Best Western with a lower tech version of this.  We were give a static JPG, third one from the top and instructions to paste some odd-looking...

Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous, and an update about the status of the FTC versus Innovative Marketing et al lawsuit

I'll include some history of events so that you can get a sense of perspective with regards to the time frame around these events.   It is especially important to note that the FTC lawsuit is not the only problem that Jain is facing. ...