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I do enjoy Google’s sense of humor…

It adds some much appreciated levity to a work day.



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Misleading advertisements won't be going away any time soon...

Not when you see reference to the infamous RBN (Russian Business Network) anyway...

Check this out:

And this:


I'd recommend you visit this site - find out if your username and password is known to be compromised

I'd recommend you visit the website in this article, find out if you're email address and password was in a hacked database. It correctly identified the only theft of my username/password that I know of 

Malware on hospital computer impacts thousands of Seattle patients


“A UW Medicine employee opened an email attachment and unknowingly downloaded malware, which led to the compromise of about 90,000 patients of Seattle-based Harborview Medical Center and University of Washington Medical Center.”

Oh. Dear.

A silver lining is that the infection was apparently discovered the following day and immediate action taken.  Cite: