So now Lakeland has been hacked...


I know it's a pain but I strongly recommend that everybody consider taking advantage of "2 factor authentication" for their email, bank accounts and other services that may grant access to sensitive information.  I've done exactly that - setting up two factor authentication for Google, and Hotmail, and Twitter and my bank accounts. Yes, it's a pain having to have my phone with me so that I can enter that unique code every time I make a transaction online, but it's worth the pain.

Of all the setups I've tried thus far, Hotmail is the one I like the most. I have a Windows phone, you see, and all I had to do was install an authenticator app on my phone, connect my phone to my account by using my phone to scan a bar code generated by Hotmail and displayed on the hotmail website.  The authenticator app works kind of like an RSA key, with a six digit number changing every 30 seconds or so.

Google caused me some difficulties, although I do like the single use authentication passwords for apps that don't support 2FA, and backup codes for when you don't have phone service.

Published Wed, Jul 24 2013 19:34 by sandi