Off topic: World's oldest blogger dies...

How sad, even though it is an event that comes to us all.

An Australian lady credited as being the oldest blogger in the world, Olive Riley, died on Saturday - her blog was a lovely thing to read.

Although her blog,, seems to no longer exist (there is no A Record and according to domain tools, no web site), but you can can get a taste of what she wrote about at a temporary blog set up by a friend called "World's Oldest Blogger".

Published Mon, Jul 14 2008 13:05 by sandi
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# re: Off topic: World's oldest blogger dies...

Monday, July 14, 2008 12:25 PM by Alun Jones

"Look at this headline - World's Oldest Person Dies - it's as if that record is cursed, or something!"

As you say, very sad, but hopefully an indication to many that you can't be too old to learn something new and wonderful.