me.dium updated again

An important change that needs to be noted is that all me.dium profiles are now public, albeit with limited information.   Looked at the from the perspective of my earlier comments about my concerns about people on my friends list having private profiles, the change is a good thing in that I'm not blocked from seeing *something* about those on my friends list, but at the same time, some may not be happy.  If, like me, you have a widget on your web site or blog, your friends list will grow very quickly as people use your widget to join the me.dium community and it is far nicer to be able to learn something about all these strangers - it's a fascinating social experiment.

Those of you who have already installed me.dium should be prompted to download and install the latest version when you start IE.  The same installer can be used on x86 and x64 systems (although I note that the installer still cannot add the me.dium button to the Command Bar on Vista x64 systems :o(  The process fails, and all custom buttons are removed.  IE must be restarted before any custom buttons can be added to the Command Bar using the standard dialogue box.

Me.dium had a part to play in a chat I had online with a friend, just today.  The only reason the conversation took place at all was I saw somebody who had been on my friend list for a while, and who I knew of from the original me.dium beta testing group, pop over to my latest article for the Windows Vista Community.  It turned out he did not know that I had written the article in question.  Then, in the course of the discussion, we chatted about phishing, and malicious web sites, and somehow moved on to holidays, travel, and eventually diving.  I was able to use me.dium to quickly guide my correspondent to a web site with lots of photographs from a boat charter service that I know of that specializes in sea lion tours.  All very cool.

Published Sat, Sep 15 2007 14:28 by sandi
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