Would you like to meet Dean (J'aime Vegemite) Calvert?

The regular readers of my blog will know that I have mentioned Dean Calvert several times - he was the miracle man behind the design and implementation of my new SBS2003 network complete with new terminal server, all new desktop PCs, new switches, hubs, a UPS etc etc etc - sourcing hardware, software and manpower - overseeing and implementing the rollout with barely 7 days notice - whatta guy Smile  (which reminds me, I've moved the servers again to a better location, sitting on melamine instead of carpet to help protect from dust, and as far away as possible from the photocopiers, again to protect from dust, and in a position where staff have absolutely no excuse to go anywhere near - all I need now is some laser tripwires, some bazookas to aim at anybody who gets too close and an alarm or three and I'll be all set) Wink

Anyways, Vlad tracked Dean down in Boston not that long ago and recorded an interview with him - you can see it here:

While you're there, you might like to check out Jeff Middleton's video as well - he's another person I feel very lucky to be able to call friend:

Published Sat, Dec 2 2006 9:56 by sandi
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