Sandi and Patchou in Redmond at the same time.....

Hmmm, it seems that Patchou of Messenger Plus! fame is going to be in Redmond at the same time as me... {{bummer, missed him by a few days.. oh well, would probably have scared him too much anyways...}} ;o)

<Patchou's message>

<My analysis of Messenger Plus!> (overdue for an update to discuss changes in the latest version of the installer)

What an exquisite coincidence.. I shall keep an eye out for the guy whilst at Microsoft ...

Oh, and I have an update on Trend Micro's false positive for AdGoblin when Camtasia's SnagIt product is installed.  I've been having an email conversation with the Lead Developer at Camtasia, and he confirms  that the CLSID is theirs, and that the adgobin detection is a false positive.

Now, all we have to do is get Trend to fix the problem.

Published Tue, Jul 12 2005 22:42 by sandi