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My new (to me) Sprint Palm Treo Pro
After a few months of dealing with a borked QWERTY keyboard on my HTC Mogul, I went to the Sprint store and took a look at what they had to offer. My requirements were a QWERTY keyboard, touch screen, and Windows Mobile. My biggest issue, though, was...
Why won’t Facebook Mobile save my password?
I started using Facebook Mobile on my HTC Mogul (WM 6.1) last summer and it worked fine. It saved my email address and password – all I had to do was use the link in my Favorites and I was logged in. Over the last few months, more often than not...
ActiveSync error code 0x86000107 with Windows Mobile 6.1
If you have recently upgraded your Windows Mobile 6 device to Windows Mobile 6.1 (I did) and are now getting error code 0x86000107 when you try and sync to 2 PCs (I am), the Product Development Team at Microsoft wants your logs to research the problem...
HTC Mogul Upgraded to WM 6.1 "breaks" ActiveSync
Since I got my HTC Mogul from Sprint last spring, I had been syncing with two PCs, one at home and one at work. Life was good - I was where I was supposed to be on time, and remembering everyone's birthday and anniversary. In July, I upgraded my Mogul...
Windows Mobile 6.1 Update for the Sprint Mogul - where are you?
I woke up this morning and read several blog posts, most notably at Just Another Mobile Monday and Gear Diary that HTC had released the WM 6.1 update for the Sprint HTC Mogul. I got all my other chores done and went to the HTC site to download the update...
Sprint HTC Mogul - one week out
I love this phone. I know you're not supposed to love inanimate objects, but I do love this phone. I can do so much more with than I could with my (separate) cell phone and iPaq. I've set up two email accounts, synced it with Outlook for my Contacts...