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Firefox 3.5.6 works in Expression Web 3 SuperPreview

The Expression Web Team blog blogged last month about a Firefox bug their customers encountered using SuperPreview with Firefox version 3.5.5.  With the newest release of Firefox 3.5.6, the Mozilla team has fixed the bug. They recommend that you update to this latest version of Firefox 3.5 to use it again in SuperPreview.

More at: Expression Web team blog

Express yourself for less

From now until December 28, 2009, Expression Web 3 and Expression Studio 3 (Full & upgrade) are 30% off at the Microsoft Store.



This promotion is US only and requires no promo code.

A new item for my Bucket List - Peeps opens a store in Maryland

peeps holiday store


I just read at PSFK that Peeps has opened a store in Oxon Hill, Maryland. They will sell much more than Peeps – my favorite candy of all time. According to The Washington Post, the store will carry more than just the standard birds and bunnies, but will highlight the recent fascination over  Peep’s as cultural phenomenon, and an intrinsic part of the cultural zeitgeist. According to The Washington Post: Milena DeLuca, a spokeswoman for Peeps parent company Just Born, said the store will sell a full complement of Peeps paraphernalia: T-shirts with Peeps dressed up as the Village People, plush Peeps in the traditional chick and bunny shapes, Peeps pillows, pens and key chains, and even Peeps china.

More at: Peeps Opens Specialty Shop – PSFK (including more pictures)

2 New Ruminations from the Expression Web support team: Expression Web 3 Crashes and How to Customize the ASP.Net Calendar Control

Expression Web 3 crashes while starting up on Windows XP SP3

When launching Expression Web 3 after a successful installation, Expression Web 3 may crash with the following error dialog:


“Microsoft Expression Web 3 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

Follow this link for more info and a resolution.


Also, Customizing the ASP.NET Calendar control in Expression Web 3


More at: Ruminations from the Expression Web support team

Looking for a new home for “Baby”
Baby I recently relocated from Connecticut to North Carolina, and left my daughter’s cat, Baby, in a kennel in Middletown, CT, with the understanding that my daughter would be picking her up in the middle of December. My daughter’s plans and living arrangements have changed, and she is not able to take her.

Baby is a female domestic short hair, neutered and up-to-date with her shots. She is 7 years old. She was an indoor cat while we had her, but she has her claws, so you could let her go outside if you wanted to. 

You can also tell by the picture below she’s a total Geek  :-)
If you think you might be interested in meeting Baby, please send me an email and I will let you know where she is and let the kennel know you are coming.

Thank you.

Update: Baby has been adopted into a wonderful home! The people in Connecticut that arranged it sent me this email from her new owner:

"Baby is so wonderful and makes me so happy! She is energetic and yet can curl up on my lap into a small ball of quiet warmth. She discovered that my laptop computer generates heat and that sleeping on the keyboard is cozy spot, hence I havent been able to open my laptop in a few days and write back. Is like her to sleep on it but it's a little tricky to type on the keyboard! Oh, she can see the mouse on the screen and tries to catch it. It so cute.
The first two days she spent investigating and checking things out, playing with toys and scratching the post. One day on my way into the bathroom she followed me in and jumped on the counter. That's when I remember in her bio that she likes to drink from the water faucet. I turned on the water to a little running dribble and sure enough Baby got under it and started drinking from the faucet. it was the cutest thing!

She didn't eat the first day or so even though I had the food from the Vet out and the Wellness I bought. She seems to like the Wellness. Besides the water from the faucet she drinks from the bowl too.

I was just thinking of you last night and thinking it's almost been a week since Baby came home and to send you an update. She's a sweet heart and I am so grateful for her."

Add USB to your wall outlets – No Hacking Needed!



Now this is cool. The TruePower UCS power outlet is available for pre-order from FastMac for $10 a pop, the outlet is not only easier than building your own, but it’s as cheap or even cheaper and doesn’t displace the AC outlets. Just swap the outlet and you’ve got two USB power ports alongside the usual two AC. The USB ports only draw power when a device is connected.

More at:  USB Wall Outlets – No Hacking Needed! | GottaBeMobile.com