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Pownce invites - I've got some

Use my contact page to let me know if you want one.

My Rose of Sharon is blooming
This was totally unexpected - a friend of mine at work gave me a cutting from her Rose of Sharon and explained how to plant and care for it. She also said not to expect much from it this first year, but that I would get blooms next summer. Today I went outside and found not only a bloom, but another bud right behind it.
Validation issues - Microsoft is having WGA server problems

"After several email excahnges with Microsoft on validation problems, I just
received this:

Thank you for your response.
I'm sorry to inform you that the Windows Genuine server might be down for
few days. I have escalate the issue to our Genuine team, kindly try to
validate again on Tuesday 28 Aug 2007.

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Technical Support."


Some unhappy campers in that forum today.

Also posted at ars technica Windows Genuine Advantage suffers worldwide outage, problems galore

Update:  engadget has a screen shot

Another update: Microsoft is investigating the problem

PayPal is coming to usairways.com

It's great when two of my worlds converge - I just got this email from US Airways: Soon you'll have a faster way to book your tickets - just use PayPal instead of entering your credit card information every time.

Are you house hunting in North Carolina?
You are in luck! My parents have a wonderful house in Carolina Beach for sale and they are having an Open House this weekend. It's only 4 blocks from the beach, but if that's too far for you, it also has a pool.
ReMIX07 Boston Speaker list has been updated

Added to the speaker list for ReMIX07 in Boston are Brad Abrams, Group Product Manager for the Microsoft.Net Framework Product Group, who will address the Rising Tide of User Experience, and Molly Holzschlag, who will give a Keynote on Monday afternoon about "The New Professionalism". There are also some sessions on the Expression products that look real interesting.

You should go.

It's Tax-free week in Connecticut - get to the mall now

Sales Tax Holiday on Clothing Items August 19 - 25, 2007. Every year Connecticut shoppers have one week to buy items of clothing and footwear costing under $300 without paying Connecticut sales tax. This year, the tax free week is Sunday, August 19 through Saturday, August 25.

Stephen Travis' FrontPage Macros have returned

Last fall, there were a few posts in the Microsoft FrontPage newsgroup from people desperately seeking Stephen Travis' Thingumajig - a collection of tweaks for FrontPage and the FrontPage Database Wizard. Stephen is a former Microsoft MVP for FrontPage and his macros enabled users to extend FrontPage and customize it to their needs. Stephen had taken his site down and the macros were no longer available. I tracked him down using Google and he very graciously allowed me to republish Thingumajig on my site.

I first published the tweaks for the FrontPage Database Wizard. Today, at the prompting of another FrontPage user, I published the remainder of the tweaks - the Miscellaneous Macros. I haven't used them myself, and really can't provide any support for them, but they are there for anyone to use.

Thanks, Stephen!

ReMIX07 is coming to Boston

I was so sorry to miss MIX07 in Las Vegas - the lack of time and money got in the way. So I was really glad to learn that ReMIX07 is coming to Boston on October 8 & 9, 2007. I've already registered even though the speaker list is not completely set, I'm sure it will be a great experience!

New Connect web site for submitting feedback and suggestions for Expression Web

The Expression Web Team has set up a new site on Connect for submitting feedback on Expression Web or any other Expression product, including Expression Blend, Expression Design, Expression Media, and Expression Media Encoder. The Connect website for Expression Studio provides a feedback form that allows you to submit feedback for any program in the Expression Studio line of products, including Expression Web. The feedback you submit for Expression Web continues to go directly to the Expression Web development team, and you can still vote on, validate, and comment on the feedback of others.

Guy Kawasaki tours the Trek headquarters

Guy Kawasaki recently took a tour of Trek - his post has some great pictures. I bought a Trek Pilot 1.0 a couple of months ago - it's pretty cool to see where it was born.

ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool

From the Expression Web Team Blog - ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool: The ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool lets you configure different aspects of your ASP.NET website through a simple interface in your web browser. You can use the ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool to setup users and passwords, create roles (groups of users), and create permissions for your website.

I don't know if this is new, but it certainly seems like it would be helpful.

Nice dinner out tonight

We discovered that there are 4 of us at the office with July birthdays, and tonight we went out to celebrate. We had a very nice dinner at the Olive Garden - I haven't been there in years. I had the Grilled Steak Caprese and a glass of Yellow Tail Chardonnay - my new favorite. It was great to get out and let our hair down, and we didn't talk about work at all.